Want to be a TV star?

National Geographic Television is developing a series about dirty animal jobs. You know, kind of like Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs.” This one, though, will focus on animal-related jobs, and National Geographic is looking for a young male host who has experience working with animals and a commitment to educating the public about animal issues.  They’ve contacted us for help locating the perfect host for the show.

According to National Geographic, the ideal candidate would be a large-animal or wildlife veterinarian, zoologist, or field biologist with an engaging personality and a willingness to get a bit filthy. Experience in TV or entertainment is not necessary.  The host would need to sign on for a 3-6 month shooting schedule.

Possible dirty jobs that the show would profile include snake wrangler, bat guano collector, shark tank cleaner and working cowboy. This is an opportunity for a passionate young animal professional to reach a national audience by doing adventurous challenges while sharing the issues – conservation, animal abuse, hazardous conditions – they face on the job. 

If you are an animal professional – or know one – who would be interested in raising their profile, and that of their profession and the issues they confront, please contact Sharon Granskog at 847-285-6619 or sgranskog@avma.org.

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