Update on Media Rumors Regarding Trifexis

On November 13, we sent an alert regarding media rumors about a possible association between Trifexis® and several dog deaths. The reason for this alert was to provide our members with accurate information about the issue and make them aware of the situation in the hopes that it would prevent them from being blindsided by questions from clients who’d seen the online reports.

Today, we received an update. A summary of the pathology/necropsy reports from an independent pathologist has determined that the cause of deaths were unrelated to the administration of Trifexis®.  The summary was derived from the individual pathology/necropsy reports which led attending veterinarians to also conclude that Trifexis® was not the cause of death.

We’ve updated our pages for members and for pet owners, and will continue to provide updates as new information is received and validated.

87 thoughts on “Update on Media Rumors Regarding Trifexis

  1. “Until proven false, I will rely on the anecdotal levidence from petowners rather than the word of manufacturers who make the product and business men who sell the product.”

    Scientific illiteracy at its most stark and obvious. Prove that [x] doesn’t do [y]; prove a negative. What a completely laughable but dangerous conception of the scientific method.

    Yet, anyone who dares speak out against hysteria is an industry apologist. Eerily and perilously analogous to the anti-vaccine delirium brought on by the intersection of celebrity culture and lax scientific education. Shameful.

    What a world.

  2. Until proven false, I will rely on the anecdotal levidence from petowners rather than the word of manufacturers who make the product and business men who sell the product. Petowners are not motivated by profit margins; the others are. Scientific objectivity is fine until lives are at stake. Something is wrong with Trifexis.

    • I completely agree. This is no different than the companies that make medications for humans. It’s all a lie. So many dogs are sick and dying from this chemical that we are told to give to them. My Tinkerbelle, 5lb Chihuahua is in the hospital now with pancreatitis. I am sick over it. Not only is this crap expensive, but it also is costing a fortune at the vet and I could have lost my baby girl. I can’t wait to leave this country with my dogs.

      • Seriously, you want to leave the entire Country because of Trifexis? Over react much?

        My dogs have been fine taking it although it does smell awful! I’ve worried each time I’ve given it because to me it smells like a flea collar, and I wouldn’t let them put one of those in their mouths. I am going to speak with my vet about other options, but I certainly won’t be packing up and moving my dogs out of the country because of it.

    • Have you not heard the expression “if you hear hoofbeats don’t go chasing zebras”?. I believe the expression originated in the veterinary profession. You have pet owners reporting eerily similar symptoms within hours or days post dose. Most of these pets were reported to have no significant medical history prior to being dosed. Does subjective reporting have no clinical significance to you? Frankly its insulting to think that a pet owner’s reports and observations are so readily dismissed. Why, because it’s anecdotal? How many more anecdotal adverse advents and/or deaths will it take before someone pays attention? Oh yes listen and trust your vet. Why? Because pharma told your vet it’s ok during the conference in which they wined and dined you on the company yacht with the free post it notes and pens for everyone in the clinic. I had a PBGV puppy and as a “good pet owner” did everything my vet told me to do. Each time she had a DHP vaccine she was curled in a ball for 24 hrs lethargic and myalgic. My vet kept saying that happens, she will be fine. Within days post 4th DHP she developed signs of what I thought was meningitis. The issue is inheritable in the breed but no genetic marker was available. I brought her to the “renowned” teaching hospital Tufts. I told them of my concern. I brought them an article written by a veterinarian who owned the breed, who had collected anecdotal info from breeders who had experienced this autoimmune form of meningitis. The vets at Tufts were unfamiliar with the breed and admitted they looked it up on line. I had brought the article and highlighted the similarities of her symptoms and presentation. They refused to call the vet who had written the article and insisted on testing her for other things despite my insistence that I was certain we should be focusing on meningitis. In the end my suspicions were correct but not before I had exhausted my options at Tufts and moved on to another facility where the neuroligist actually listened. In general conventional vets and pharma let egos get in the way of the average pet owner and dismiss what could be valuable info from reputable breeders and their pet owners. My PBGV passed at the age of 3 1/2. I learned a lot from her short time with me and it forever changed my philosophy on the health practices I use on the dogs I now have. I now titer my dogs instead of vaccinating them repeatedly year after year. A titer is a blood test that shows the level of protection from previous vaccines. Protective titer, no need to revaccinate. Why doesn’t your conventional vet offer this? Because there is a higher profit margin in vaccines, which are known to cause autoimmune disease, chronic allergies, etc. Oh right, that’s just “anecdotal”. To all of the pet owners out there who have been dismissed by the same people they’ve entrusted with the care and health of their beloved
      animals, listen to your gut. And remember you are the consumer. Consult with a holistic vet, AHVMA, and read Dr. Jean Dodds protocols. Your animals will be healthier for it.

  3. I have two rescue dogs. They were on Revolution but the vet switched them to Trifexis. After the first dose the little dog (10 lbs) became listless for a couple of days. The larger dog (only 20 lbs) was listless, then vomited a few times. After a few days they both seemed okay. The next month when it was time for their next dose both refused to take it. I wrapped it in turkey, tried bacon and even a marrow bone with peanut butter. They both would have nothing to do with it. I tried crushing the pills and hiding it in bacon which they both love. They both took one sniff and walked away. I think they know that stuff is not good for them. I want to give my dogs an effective flea treatment, but not one that is going to make sick or kill them. They seem to know better. What else is out there that is not topical that works and won’t harm my dogs? By the way my dogs take other medication just fine.

  4. My Doberman puppy has been taking Trifexis since he was old enough and heavy enough to start a dose. He has consistently been on it monthly. He is 7 months and was just bumped to the 60lb+ dose. At our recent vet visit it was confirmed my dog and hook worms and possibly tape worms. Considering my puppy was thoroughly dewormed as a pup, and has tested negative since, it was a shock. Especially since he just had his dose maybe 10 days before testing positive for parasites. Thankfully I do not see any other health concerns yet, but considering the Trifexis simply isn’t working, I will be switching him. My vet even voiced that this wasn’t the first time the guaranteed drug didn’t work. She filed a complaint with the company, and they should be covering treatment cost. It is very effective for flea prevention except in the case of my growing pup. He is to mature into a large Dobie and simply was “out growing” the doses. They seem to last 3 weeks because he’d be in the next weight bracket so often. My vet said the company may give me free Trifexis, why would I be interested in giving him toxins that didn’t work before?

  5. Spinosad (the suspected culprit in Trifexis) should be of concern to everyone and not just pet owners. Do folks realize that it has been labeled as an “organic” insecticide and safe for aerial (as in airplane) sprays AND for spraying onto our food produce in the supermarket – including those labeled “organic food.” ???

    My good friend sent me this: Spinosad has been approved for treating/spraying on human vegetable produce just 24 hours before human consumption…it can literally be freshly sprayed on the produce as it goes in the bag for the grocers ‘organic’ shelves. This based on the dubious assertion that spinosad magically ‘breaks down’ in just 24 hours.

    “This requires a lot of pre-literate ‘magical thinking’ to believe spinosad is a highly effective poison that (in Trifexis) lasts for 30 days in the dogs body, but sprayed on human produce transforms itself magically into harmless fairy dust and unicorn fluff just 24 hours after being sprayed from the jug marked ‘insecticide’. Only one of these mutual contradictions can be true (if either claim is even true). Last time I recall similiar lethally effective/harmless to humans reassurances, the safe product was DDT.

    “Spinosad has a timetable of 1-2 days to kill pests was when applied to plants…although all the stated spinosad timetables are self-contradictory. How is it possible that a single oral dose can so saturate the dog that it remains fatal to fleas and ticks ingesting tiny amounts of blood 30 days later…and yet 60-80% of the dose is eliminated from the dog by urine and feces in 48 hours, and all traces ‘soon after’? Both assertions CANNOT be true.

  6. My dog went blind immediately after his first dose of Trifexis. Both retinas detached, and the blindness is permanent. He’s had over a year of expensive appointments with the opthalmologist and has expensive medications that must be administered each day to prevent further problems, such as glaucoma. He went from a happy, joyous dog to a frightened, paranoid dog. It’s been a shattering experience. Hindsight is 20/20, but I so wish we’d never given him that little pill.

    • I would also like to add to this that this past Friday night, we lost our beloved and perfectly healthy 8 year old Boxer after a dose of Trifexis. HE ALSO WENT BLIND. Anyone who says this isn’t related or is coincidental is corrupt.

  7. We appreciate the discussion on this issue, but please refrain from personal attacks and direct insults. Karen, your comment to Nick was deleted by me because it was inappropriate and a violation of our community guidelines. We understand that there are differing opinions being expressed and that this issue invokes a lot of passion for many of you, but we expect everyone to remain civil.

  8. I am also a veternarian and I have no problem stating that this product can and has harmed dogs. I have seen it first hand, I have treated it first hand. I have reported it to Elanco and the FDA. I have pulled it from my shelves. There are other heartworm products and heartworm preventative is needed. Use an alternative but not Trifexis.

    • The vet I work for filed a report with Elanco just last week for her very own family dog! He is a healthy, 10 month old large breed mix, who experienced vomiting, ataxia, and then was nearly comatose for 30 hours after receiving his very first dose of Trifexis! He eventually regained consciousness and mobility, but it took a few days to get back to his normal self. Needless to say, I’m not taking any chances with my dogs – they will NOT be getting Trifexis ever again! It’s just not worth the risk! My heart goes out to those who have lost their beloved pets and those suffering adverse affects.

    • Hello..I have been giving my dog trifexis for over a year. Her last dose on the third of this month, I believe caused a reaction. She became confused/disoriented, fell over when trying to walk, and didn’t know who I was. The er vet kept her overnight and wanted her to se email a neurologist. He thinks she has meningitis and started her on prednisone. I can’t afford a 2500 mri.did have blood work done a couple of days later at a new vet. The pred is working but before I go and take out a loan .I just can’t help but think it was from the trifixis.your thoughts?

    • Thank you for standing up for what is right and what is true, Dr. Longfellow. My Chihuahua is in the hospital now. Gave her comfortis and suddenly she was sick. Vet advised me that she has pancreatitis. I am certain this came from the comfortis. She was fine before I gave it to her. My vet works for a large vet clinic in town and I LOVE THIS GUY. I think he knows this caused it but if he spoke up about it it could cause problems, I imagine. Thank you for speaking out about this, thank you thank you thank you.

    • I have my dog on Trifexis and she is fine for now. I had another dog which was on Heartgaurd, and we lost her due to heartworm our vet treated her and she still died. She was diagnosed with liver disease so we put our other dog on Trifexis. I think I will consider the shots for heartworm prevention.

  9. Since Elanco did not have a contact email address, I had to call them and leave a message. The call was returned promptly. I first asked the receptionist, she pushed me over to a vet tech, who pushed me over to an Elanco vet. This is verbatim:

    My Question to Elanco:

    I have read the same wording over and over, that vets have found no connection between Trifexis and the necropsied dogs. My question is – exactly what WOULD a necropsy show for a dog who died of insecticidal poisoning? Specifically Trifexis?

    Her Answer:

    “There isn’t much that you can actually find from a systemic medication.” “What we look for are underlying causes, pre-existing conditions – any other indication that the dog had any other reason for dying.” “There is nothing really definitive to look for” “There is no established link” “We look for what else was going on with the dog.” “For instance, if the dog had a tumor, etc. then that is why we assume the dog died of it.”

    My Question:

    But even finding another problem with the dog, that’s not exclusive of the dog actually dying from Trifexis, is it?

    Her Answer:

    “No, you’re right. But all we can do is look for things that can explain the dog’s death.” “There is nothing pathognomonic to look for.” (pathognomonic = a term, often used in medicine, that means characteristic for a particular disease.)

    My Question:

    Why are there different safety regulations on the use of Trifexis in Europe than in the US? In Europe people are cautioned never to use Trifexis on dogs under 8.5 lbs, and never use it for more than 6 consecutive months in a year.

    Her Answer:

    “The Trifexis used in Europe is the very same as the Trifexis used here in the US. But the regulatory bodies are specific to each individual countries. They do their own safety experiments and we do ours.”

    Elanco admits are NOT looking for Trifexis poisoning – they are ONLY looking for OTHER explanations of the dogs’ illnesses and deaths. I encourage folks to call Elanco themselves: 1-877-352-6261

    • And, by the way, the 4 littermates which Elanco said died of “myocarditis” is NOT proof that they did not die of Trifexis poisoniing. Myocarditis simply means “inflammation of the heart” – which can be caused by any number of things INCLUDING drug reaction.

      Some insecticides will gather in liver and fat (providing the poison was given over a long period of time) but MANY insecticides are NOT apparent at all from a necropsy (only showing nonspecific internal bleeding and organ enlargement/changes) – and many times the determination of poisoning death is by SYMPTOMS and knowledge of previous ingestion of the dog.

      I contacted various vet sites which defended the use of Trifexis and asked THEM pointblank of exactly what a necropsy would show of a dog who died of insecticidal poisoning….guess what – they had NO answer…..and said I should contact Elanco (which I did). I even emailed the question to the AVMA – but they never responded at all. I hope folks will call Elanco themselves and ask: “What exactly WOULD a necropsy show if the dog died of Trifexis poisoning?”

      • Guess who the vet was who wrote the “unbiased” and “independent” necropsy report for Elanco stating that Trifexis played no part in the dogs’ deaths? Dr. Jeffery Engelhardt. Ever look at his background? Jeffery Engelhardt, DVM. “Prior to joining EPL in 2010, Dr. Engelhardt began his career at Eli Lilly and Company in 1988 and served in positions of progressive responsibility in pathology and toxicology leading to the role of Preclinical Expert for the company.”

        This guy WORKED for Eli Lilly for over 20 years! That is HARDLY “unbiased” and “independent”!

        (Eli Lilly owns Elanco, the makers of Trifexis)

  10. My Norfolk terrier has been on Triflexis for quite some time. Maybe a year. I don’t give it to her in the winter months, though. She has developed this weird fly catching, biting at herself to get rid of imaginary bugs. In the beginning, it was cute, now it has taken over her life. If she isn’t picking at bugs, she’s pacing or hiding in the corner. She’s a completely different dog. I’ve taken her to the vet, who thought she was developing epilepsy. She prescribed anti-convulsion med. Didn’t make a difference, except to make her depressed. I have changed her diet from raw to cooked chicken and rice to see if its a food allergy. No change. Now, I’m suspicious that it may be the triflexis. Does anyone know other dogs experiencing these symptoms from triflexis?

    • “fly snapping” is a very common symptom of slight seizure activity. It will frequently precede full blown epilepsy. Many “idiopathic:” epileptic dogs began snapping at imaginary flies or bugs around their head. I’ve seen it firsthand with rescue rat terriers we had, and a vet tech we used to have living near us described her Chihuahua as doing the very same thing before he began full-blown seizures.

      • My dog who passed away this past Friday from Trifexis also exhibited this type of behavior. We now understand it to be a seizure. DO NOT give your dog any more of this poison.

        • And as Jan said above, the fly-snapping preceded a major seizure that ended up taking his life. Your dog was certainly close to death at that point.

    • My 13 year old shar pei had two doses of trifexis. After the second dose she was panting, not sleeping, walking all over the house confused. I was up for a month with her trying to calm her down. It has been 4 months since her last dose of trifexis and she still does not sleep at night I have to have her sleep next to me in a bear hug so she does not wake up. She is confused all the time I have to spoon feed her because she has for gotten how to eat. I had taken her to the vet after all of the symptoms started and they daid she needed a behavioralist. So we went to the behavioralist and they diagnosed her with canine cognitive disorder. She was a normal old dog before giving her the trifexis. I feel terrible now that I have poisoned my girl.

  11. We have given our German Sheperd 4 months. She has become lethargic/ depressed/ occasional vomiting. She is 5 years old, excellent health until now. She walks now like a dog with severe arthritis, occasionally the rear falling. Mind you she has excellent hips. I will be writing to Elanco now. When purchasing this from my vet in Houston they no longer carried the Hearthguard brand, this was all they now sold.

  12. My eldest dog, who is almost 5 has tried a few different heartworm and flea preventative. We started out with Sentinel and no issues. We started using Comfortis to prevent the fleas. The only side effect he had was vomiting, but we chose to stop using the product. We did however start using Trifexis when our vet introduced us to it. Chief did absolute great on it. He’s used it during flea season since and it works great. Considering he has a serious flea allergy he has to be on some sort of preventative. Topical doesn’t work and isn’t safe for my toddler. I live in Florida as well, so we floridians know how bad they can be!

    As with all medications, some people, or pets in this case, suffer from the side effects. A small percentage will suffer the serious side effects. If your doctor tells you to take blood thinner you do it. Have you read the side effects? All pill forms have side effects. They are man made. I recommend your pet doesn’t leave the house to just treat your yard. My dog travels more than that though so I have to. Plus his flea allergy is so bad he scratches himself raw. I’m not a bad parent, just made a pros and cons list for each option.

    • Caroline said. “I recommend your pet doesn’t leave the house, just treat your yard.” What? I guess you don’t know that treating the yard with toxins can harm the dog as well. Check out “Beyond Pesticides.” where you will find documented stories how dogs have dropped dead after their owners treated the yard with pesticides.

      Secondly, you aren’t the only one who travels with a dog. Our dog got her EU passport in Munich and travels to ‘dog friendly’ EU countries. We use Heart guard plus and bathe her once a week. she has short hair, which makes it easier. You can get some good oil and creams from a vet dermatologist . For itching, Dermoscent is amazing though costly. If you are looking for a quick fix, your not ready to properly care for a dog. PS Fleas are better than being dead, but i am sure if you use Trifexis, you may probably find out for yourself.

      • TO Carolyn:

        The fact that the topical isn’t safe for your precious little toddler, doesn’t make it any safer for your precious
        little dogs. Dogs feel pain and get ill just like people do.

    • We have puppy owners who live in Florida, matter of fact, one of them was the first one to alert me to the dangers of Trifexis. Both her Doxies stay absolutely flea-free with flea-combing, shampooing and the administration of a little Adams flea-mist. Another puppy owner lives in Georgia, and she, too, uses only safe methods of dealing with fleas. None of our owners in Florida or Georgia has ever given any topical or oral medications to their Doxies for fleas. It’s not a matter of where you live, it’s how much you value your dog and how much you are willing to do what is necessary to make sure that they are flea-free AND safe.

    • Comfortis is the SAME flea agent that is contained in Sentinel. You want to use CAPSTAR to kill any adult fleas found on your dog.

      • I’ve used Capstar with an old Lab I used to have, and it worked really well on her – No side effects other than dead fleas.

        It is so sad that we can’t trust these companies to manufacture safe products for our babies. I admit I’ve used Trifexis on all four of my dogs, and we’ve had no issues, but after reading these posts, I’m definitely going to speak with my Vet about other alternatives. I hate that Trifexis attracted me because it was ‘easier’ than using two products, one for fleas and one for heartworm, but nothing is worth all of these horrible things I’m reading! I pray for each of you that your babies get help and can recover!

  13. I have read every one of the posts. My puppy has been on Comfortis for the past 7 months and there is now a distinct difference in everything about him once this drug was in his system.
    We live in Florida and to not use any preventative on a daily basis would be crazy, so we chose Comfortis along with our vets suggestion.
    1. He had decreased appetite – I have to coax him to eat 2 x per day every day.
    2. His hind legs don’t seem stable any longer and they appear frail. He will play and run but if he turns the wrong way- he starts limping.
    3. He rarely will drink water. I have to use a syringe and squirt it in his mouth. Or spill some bottled water in my hand.
    I too, have a case number with Elanco. I have even been referred to their veteranarian.
    I believe they made a product that works for sure, but somehow, the neuro toxins that kill and paralyze the flea, hurt the dog at the same time. He used to fly thru the air and high jump onto anything. He cannot do that any longer. I wish I knew what to substitute so both my home and my puppy are not ridden with fleas. What a catch 22 this is!

    • My min pin who is 7.5 yrs old became completely paralized in the hind quarters after taking her monthly pill. After being told by one Vet that she would never walk again, without surgery…we took her to anAlternative Vet who gave her acupuncture and chiropractic adjustment and she can walk now and is 98 percent back to her old self. She would not eat, drink water and was in diapers for over two weeks. Other than her heart now being enlarged, she is ok, thank God. Trifexis is very toxic. Should not be on the market.

  14. Anecdotes are the bane of science and its stepchild, medicine.

    What’s missing from the TV station report that set off the panic are meaningful statistics, such as how many were the first time administration of a heartworm product., Trifexis, how many were the first administration of Trifexis, if a complete physical exam, blood work and stool study preceded drug administration, and whether there was any confirmation by pathologists.

    This story demonstrates that people are as gullible about what’s reported on TV as they are about what they read on the internet. Also, that they don’t read drug packaging and product inserts, which direct that adverse drug reactions be reported to 1-800-FDA-VETS, not some random TV station or website.

    Trifexis and similar products are preventative medicines, which wok by killing parasites before they can become established. If anyone administers an anti- heartworm product without FIRST having blood work and stool study done to rule out an existing heart worm and/or parasite infection, the product is being misused. Such misuse COULD cause a heart attack or stroke, due to blockage caused by large scale heartworm death.

    Trifexis is a prescription product. Before a newly-introduced poison (which is what all worm and flea products are) is permitted to be sold in the US, the effects of that poison have to be studied and tested on animals. Those studies go far beyond what’s required for other pharmaceuticals.

    Vets are required by law to report any observations of adverse effects of an insecticide product to the manufacturer and the FDA, and as businessmen, they are VERY concerned about being associated with any product known to cause harm to the animals under their medical supervision. Any vet with a reputation to protect is checking frequently for any reports of product defects and recalls of the products that they prescribe and sell.

    They check with the FDA, not WBS-TV (wonder what that “BS” stands for) , or Facebook. AVMA is a secondary source.

    • “Pau” – Tell all this to the countless devastated pet owners I’ve read about on several sites, who have lost their pet, or had to sit back and watch their pets mental/physical health decline. Coincidence? I think not. There is some correlation between this and Trifexis. Anyone can see that.

    • Pau – my dog had all the blood tests, he had a physical exam. he was found to be in excellent shape for an 11 year old golden retriever with no ailments. One dose of Trifexis and he was losing the use of his hind legs. He would fall down, couldn’t lift his leg to urinate, fell over trying to defecate. Do you know how hard it is to physically carry a 100 pd. dog outside and hold his back end up so he can do those things? So to your call that people don’t read packaging I say says who. I read it, I asked my vet about it. I did everything that was required and I still ended up putting a beloved friend down 5 1/2 months after one dose of this poison.

    • Pau

      No conscientious veterinarian would EVER prescribe any heartworm medication to a dog over 6 months old that had not been tested for heartworm first. If he/she did they would be guilty of malpractice. Your statement is dripping with accusatory remarks when, as pet owners, we turn to our veterinarians for their professional judgement. Just the same as us turning to doctors.

    • Spinosad, the active pesticide in Trifexis, was approved in 1997 in an ‘accelerated fast-track’ shortened testing process which allowed it to be rushed from initial application to store shelves in less than 24 months. That’s astonishing.
      Eli Lilly and partner Dow Chemical managed this by claiming Spinosad is ‘organic’ because it occurs in nature (like arsenic, strychnine, rattlesnake venom, puffer fish poison). So there was very little review.
      Published test results reveal that Spinosad was tested on rats and mice, in tiny weight-proportionate doses, and those rodent results “assumed” to be valid for dogs. ‘Lifetime’ testing was not done over a dog’s lifetime, or even multi-years, just a one year timeframe with a maximum of 12 doses…and reduced to rat’s size dosages.

      In short, the ‘safety’ testing is recklessly incomplete at best, and deliberately deceptive at worst.
      Spinosad has also been approved, as Jan Harris points out, for spraying on human vegetables and fruits up to 24 hours before consumption. Incredibly, the FDA allows Spinosad to be sprayed on Monday onto a tomato, an apple of a bag of fresh spinach that you buy at Safeway the next day. (The same FDA that failed to require sufficient testing and agreed to rush Spinosad to sale in 1995-1997).

      Eli Lilly, Dow Chemical and the rest of the agro-chemical-pharmaceutical industry are huge political campaign contributors, and the FDA and Big Pharma are one big revolving door for scientists and top executives.
      Independent? Impartial? For many scientists, a Big Pharma job is literally the only employment game in town. Rock the boat just once and your career will never be the same.

      As others have pointed out, Vets are under a lot of pressure to believe what Big Pharma tells them.

  15. I stumbled across this site looking for info on Trifexis. I have an 8 almost 9 week old Lab puppy. I honestly do not know if it is safe, I will continue to research. I do know that when the West Nile vaccine came out for horses people were very upset. There were sites with foals with two heads, missing or extra legs, reports of deaths and neurological issues. It wasn’t really substantiated, people were in panic mode. Now, I do have other options for heartworms and fleas… But we didn’t have any other options on West Nile protection. I caught a lot of guff from some people for vaccinating my horses. One person was pretty much yelling at me, “How can you give this vaccine to your horse, you don’t even know what the side effects might be.” I replied, “No, I’m not sure what all the side effects are, but I do know what the side effects of West Nile Virus are. I’ll be giving my horses the vaccine.” That being said, there are other options for what Trifexis treats. I’ll keep researching until I’m comfortable with something.

    • Talk to your veterinarian, too, because they can help you make the decision that’s in the best interest of you and your puppy.

    • I would suggest that since you have young pup that you take to heart all of the information you are gathering. True Trifexis may not be the absolute cause of death but it does not seem that they can really prove this or not. We are criticized if we suspect a drug to caause harm because there is no “scientific evidence.” I really don’t trust the whoever is donig the testing because it seems instead of paying attention to those of us who have experienced side effects some as severe as death of our beloved dogs, they continue to allow the drug to be used. Just be very careful. I have been doing a lot of asking people who are around a lot of animals and are open to natural and just alternative products. My dog was on Trifexis for over a year and was about 4 years old when he started. I noticed some changes in his behaviour but never corelated it to the drug. I thought he was just getting older (not the puppy or scared rescue dog we once knew) but my husband was always asking me if he was sick or why is his head so hot like he was running a fever. About two months ago he had a seizure just 17 days after taking a dose of Trifexis. Took him to the vet and they could not find anything wrong with him. Said that big dogs are susceptable to seizures (especially golden retrievers) but pretty much all big dogs. I could not accept it and asked if it could be from the medication. The vet gave me the standard response that there has been no scientific evidence that Trifexis caused this. I said but it does not mean that it did not! She said if you are uncomfortable, we can put him back on Sentinel and if you want we can run blood tests that will cost $150. I opted not to do the test and have not given him a heartworm medicnie yet. I am so afraid to do so. Some people only protect for flees and some vets say that some dogs do not need constant heartworm protection. I will have to find another vet if I decide to stop heartworm because they will not allow him in their facility. I have to say that since he has been off of the Trifexis, his personality is back. He is playful and does not have spells of lethargy. He drinks more water now too and there has been no sign of fever, which is what they said caused his seizure (high fever). I think I will put him on flee preventive only and find another vet because this incident was way too serious and I would be ignorant to think that the drug did not have some responsibility for it. My niece just got two very young pups and I advised her not to put them on Trifexis especially have I read about the young pups that owners suspect died after taking a few doses of the drug. The decision is yours but you have my story and many others to take into consideration. Good luck and protect that pup the best you can. I have really lost a lot of faith in vets who do not take this more seriously.

  16. i was stunned when i heard that news about trifexis. I have a 6 year old male mini dachshund: mocha . On january 22 2013 my dog went blind. When we arrived at the “ohio state vet hospital” one if the questions they asked is “What medications does he take” i told them he has started a new flea/tick/heart worm pill called Trifexis. and he had only been on it for 5 months prior to now. They took mocha away for test. Three days later, many tests later, they said he is permantley bind, but wanted to do more ttesting because is unusal for a dog this age ( 5) in good heath to go blind suddenly. Now here it is one yeat later , he is blind, non active , has a uncontralable skin problems and is showing all the syptims of cushing desease ( however when we did all the tesing for cushing desease, it all came back noraml. so no one knows HOW, WHY ,WHAT caused all this health issues. My vet even asked if i wanted to take mocha back to the Ohio State MED VET hospital for further testing and I lost it. NO! my dog is not a experement.. he is just now adapting to being blind. When i read the “adverse reation” on Trifexis in clearly states , all the systems mocha is living with today INCLUDING BLINDNESS.. I am angry and i want an answer.. Its been ONE YEAR, No answeres only medical test that have cost over $5000.00 and my mocha has suffered with his health problems . PLEASE PLEASE look someone look closely into this … Since the report i have and WILL NOT give my dog this pill and time will tell if he improves..

    • Thelma, please report this to Elanco, the makers of Trifexis. They will give you a case number and report it to the FDA. I reported my dog’s problems and Elanco gave me a full refund. The only way to get this drug recalled is to make sure the FDA is receiving ALL adverse problems with this drug.

    • My friend’s healthy pug here in Vancouver, BC went randomly blind (100% in one eye, 90% in the other) within about an hour of taking Trifexis the first time. Healthy otherwise at the checkup. Never had issues with the pug before. Devastating to once see a playful excited dog go to a miserable dog with its head down wandering and bumping into things.


  17. I am a veterinarian and I have prescribed well over 10-15 thousands of doses of Comfortis and Trifexis plus all 6 of my dogs take it. I have never had a serious side effect reported nor have I seen one. I can’ t say the the same thing about the OTC products they allow.

    • I never had a single issue with the OTC medications and yet one dose of Trifexis and my dog loses his ability to use his hind legs and has to be put down after 5 1/2 months. And yes, he had all the tests done prior to taking this medication. kudos on your dogs surviving. My question to you is after hearing case after case of dogs dying, going blind, losing motor control, etc. you continue to risk your pets lives. That does not sound like a responsible pet owner, much less a responsible veterinarian.

  18. I have two pugs about 6 years old. We have used another heart worm medication on them with no problems for the last year. Upon going to the vet for a refill we were told to use the Trifexis. I had never heard of it before and said well they both had different strengths due to their weight. They said no need – they could both take this one. I gave them their first dose this evening with thier dinner meal at 6pm. Discovered about 6 hours later that the smaller of the two pugs had thrown up. Thinking about it I wondered if the pill had upset her stomach. Did not pay much more attention to it. After a couple more hours we all went to bed and we tucked them in their beds with their nightly small treat. About 30 – 40 minutes after that i was working on my lap top in bed and Duchess starts making strange constant noises and I can tell she is out of bed. I get up and check on her. She is moaning and just strange. She walks over to me and seems very uncomfortable. Thinking maybe she needs to go to the bathroom I take her outside. She is reluctant to go so I carry her. She got very uncomfortable when I picked her up. I did take her out. She hid under a chair and would not move. We went back inside and she just layed down. Not like her at all. I am getting more worried now that something bad is wrong. I carry her back upstairs to her bed. She does not want to get in it. She is still making noises and walks in circles and then just sits looking very tired and sad. She would not come out of the bathroom for quite a while. I talked to her and comforted her for some time. i went and got dressed in case I needed to take her to emergency room. She finally made her way back to her bed. She is there now and seems to be resting better. I will be keeping an eye on her to see how she is doing. I had never heard about Trifexis before and was thinking that was the only thing changed in her routine or diet. So I decided to look it up to see about side effects. It was shocking all the reports. Even more shocking that there seems to be people who dont want to believe there is ia problem. Makes you think they likely have stock in the company or are getting paid to poopoo the idea that there is something wrong. i dont see how with so many coinsodinces with this drug that they could possibly deny there is a serious problem. I will be contacting my vet to let them know how disappointed I am that they are using this product knowing there are so many complaints out there. Trust me they do know about the complaints. How could they not! I will never give this drug to my dogs again and will tell everyone I know to consider not giving their dog the same.
    Sincerley and truly, Lori Goforth

  19. Since I gave my dogs trifexis they have acted like fleas or bugs are biting them all the time. They’ll be laying there and jump up start scratching and bitingt. I was giving them comfortis and heartguard and they never had any problems at all. I know trifexis is suppose to have the exact ingredients of the two I was giving but they are going crazy with this biting and scratching. My lab acts like all the nerves are right at the op of his skin. If you touch him his body just quivers. Does anyone else have theses problems?

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  21. One of my price German Shepherds of outstanding breeding and personality who was of outstanding health. the vet recommended Trifexis and after a few months he starting have the normal bad side affects associated with Triflexis.
    The recommended putting him down at 6 months of age. I can never fully trust a vet without some background on him and their abilities to make wise decisions. Triflexis is considered a poison just as rat poison as far as I am concerned. We need some Holistic type of country vets who are in the business not just for the money but because their heart is in it. Why oh Why even take this enormous and fatal risk.

  22. I gave a perfectly healthy Golden Retriever Trifexis at 8p last night. 1 hour later she was acting “funny” and not herself. At 2a the vomiting started. I took her to the vet at 10a and they did xrays and blood work that I will get the results later today. As we were leaving the vet she vomited every little bit in her stomach, then had a loose yellow incredibly smelly stool. I went to my truck and got a plastic dog poop bag and took it in for them to analyze. This cannot be a coincidence? I called Elanco just now and they forwarded me to somebody that took my information and promised that a vet would be calling my vet today to help with my dog’s issues.

    • BTW the vomiting started at 2a and continued every 40 mins or less until the vet gave her an anti nausea med and an IV fluid for her dehydration. She is holding water down now, but has no interest in food.

  23. We recently lost our precious Ramsey, a THIRTEEN month old Scottie, who was on Trifexis, for 6 months. He was a healthy dog, all other pups from the litter are doing fine. He had excellent medical care with our vet from the minute he was brought home. Once on Trifexis (which I didn’t realize at the time), Ramsey would get “sick” for no reason at all. Vomit his food or phlegm. He’d be ill about 10-12 hours and then would be okay. His last “episode” ended up killing him. He vomited and became lethargic and “spacey.” I got him to the pet ER at 2AM, where he was put on an IV with fluids and charcoal (for possible accidental poisoning). Nothing helped. At the 10AM visit, he could not even hold up his head. I left at 10:30 and at 10:40 he had a seizure and died. ALL symptoms are what has been reported by all other dog owners complaining of Trifexis. Our home and yard were thoroughly inspected for any possible “poisons” and found clear. Our Vet was as shocked as we were. Ramsey’s liver enzymes were double what they should have been, mimicking cancer but that doctor ruled that out.

    Regardless of what this company says or it’s independent researches, I would NEVER give my next dog this medication. As my breeder says, (when her vet told her about Trifexis), “so, it kills everything BUT the dog.”

    Nothing can replace our Ramsey but hopefully, other dogs can be saved.

  24. I wanted to share a group that I have started on Facebook called Trifexis Does Not Kill Dogs. I have worked in the animal industry for 16 years for a veterinarian as an assistant. My Facebook site is available for anyone who is interested in this internet hysteria regarding Trifexis. This group is mostly comprised of technicians, assistants, veterinarians and pet owners who were banned or blocked from the site Trifexis Kills Dogs aka Does Trifexis Kill Dogs? when attempting to comment based on scientific data and for voicing our opinions. After being banned, any of our comments were also deleted. We were called murderers and sub/human and you would not know this if you view the site because everything was deleted by admin.
    My goal is to provide accurate information regarding the report on Trifexis and to provide information for pet owners regarding the importence of heart prevention. You realize rather quickly when reading the site Does Trifexis Kill Dogs that these pet owners are fearful and are posting requesting medical advice on what to do after giving their pet Trifexis. The site admin allows for any poster to answer their questions and offer advice on what they should do. I have seen posters telling pet owners to use Guiness Beer all the way to suggesting Black Walnut or recommending links to pharmacies out of the country that do not require a perscription. I am appalled that pet owners may recieve any advice from such a site. They also recommend not trusting any veterinarian because they sell Trifexis for the kick backs and pay offs from Elanco all the while knowing Trifexis kills dogs.
    My site encourages pet owners to contact their veterinarian and report any suspected adverse reaction so they can report this to Elanco so that the case can be investigated. I also encourage pet owners to do their own research and discuss fears or concerns regarding using preventatives as this is a very important part of protecting pets from preventable diseases and parasites. This story has created so much fear for pet owners that are just seeking to keep their animals healthy and free of heartworms. Please keep in mind that some posters are not being truthful or forthcoming at all. I found out that a pet owner posting on our site who has given so much fraudulent information regarding their pet was not being honest. They claimed that their pet was a confirmed death due to Trifexis and Elanco and the FDA had documented their case and when I finally called Elanco they not only could not confirm this but stated that not one death had been linked to Trifexis. Elanco is taking this very serious and are willing to
    even pay for testing if the attending veterinarian reports that they suspect a link between taking Trifexis and the ailment.
    I welcome anyone researching this story to come to my site and utilize any information that might be helpful.

    • The facebook page that Ms. Berg has created is nothing more than a place to reject any and all pet owners that have experienced adverse effects of their dogs taking Trifexis. My dog was one of the animals that got very sick right after taking Trifexis. I was banned from her page because I asked a simple question of why she and a Dr. Lauren Bowling were making fun of the owners of these pets. She talks about “the other page” but she is guilty of bullying anyone that claims their dog was hurt by this drug. Such a hypocrite!
      If you are a pet owner that has experienced an adverse effect from Trifexis, Jewels Berg is NOT the place to go for any kind of support. She and her co-bully will only knock you down and defend this drug. Maybe that is why her page only has less than 200 likes and the Does Trifexis Kill Dogs has over 3,000!!

      • Ms. Jewel, I am new to all this news and only by chance, came upon the reports about Trifexis. Not to be rude, but how can over 700 dog deaths per the FDA be “nothing?” How can it be, when I went to the website today, that Trifexis has VERY CLEARLY posted a note, “if your dog has had adverse reactions to the drug, call this number” and when I did, was given a case number and asked for two contact numbers and my address???? How can a news story have a rep say these “deaths” are within conditions (or something to that affect) and it be okay?? Again, I am not trying to be rude or mean…..I lost my VERY HEALTHY puppy on October 26th. Both my regular Vet and the ER Vet were at a loss. We had our home and yard completely inspected by a professional for any possible poisons and got an all-clear notice. Again….please don’t take this as rude….but I lost my dachshund after 13 years due to cancer. I knew that and we knew we had a short time frame. A year later, we get our Scottie and I loose him to, what I clearly believe was poisoning by Trifexis. Both my husband and I are grieving the loss of our beloved dog….to say that there is NOT at least SOME possibility that many dogs will be adversely affected…well, that’s sort of insulting to me.

        • I never made fun of owners. I asked them for records and documentation, which none of them were willing to give me. You call me a hypocrite, but you are willing to believe and bash people for questioning a story that has a lot of anecdotes, but no facts? The mudslinging continues…

          • Well you called them Idiots Lauren. Go read your words. My heart breaks for those that have lost their dogs. I guess my boy was one of the lucky ones. The documentation I have is my vets bills, the report filed with Elanco and a check for a full refund from the company. Go ahead, defend the drug. My question is why would ALL these people make this stuff up? What would they have to gain? I simply want to warn others what happened to my boy and I hope and pray that it does not happen to other pet owner’s pets. That is the only motive I have.

    • I appreciate the objective manner in which you calmly state that Trifexis does not kill but these are real people who had real pets that had NO health issues until bein given the medication Trifexis. We, also, gave our pet Trifexis upon the recommendation of our vet without researching the product and she had the same symptoms as so many others; vomiting first month and second month went into seizures and never ate again – died within a month despite many measures to save her. The evidence is there but hasn’t been researched to discover what is causing a percentage of pets to react. We allowed out pet to be necropsied in hopes of figuring out how this drug is causing so many deaths. Please read the objective information on what is happening so you can realize that there is something in this drug that is causing severe reacions including death. Our vet was stunned and DID REPORT this FDA. The necropsy report of course did not definitively state Trifexis was the cause but left open the possiblity hoping the FDA will review this one along with others to understand the effects. The necropsy reports are all too similar to dismiss as not having some link so I pray you will open your mind and your heart to see the relationship. Thanks -

  25. My dog has been on Trifexis for 9 months and has not had any problems. That didn’t keep me from being scared out of my wits when a news blurb came on saying hundreds of deaths had been connected to Trifexis. I immediately called my veterinarian and they spoke to me at length (even though they were about to close for the holiday) and relayed a lot of information to me including a suggestion that I check out this webpage for more information. When the news report finally came on, it seemed to be a balanced report. Now the necropsy reports shows the cause of death was not Trifexis. Perhaps Trifexis is like any other drug – one size does not fit all. If you give my mother penicillin it will kill her – if you give it to me, I’ll break out in a rash, but if you give it to my brother, you’ll cure him. So since my dog is not having any problems after 9 months, and since she will NOT eat Heartguard (you would not believe the struggle I had with her!), we will keep using Trifexis. My sympathy to all who have lost loved ones for any and all reasons.

    • I had to put my dog down after him being my constant companion for over 13 years. This whole Trifexis good or bad has made my heart sick even mores because I feel like I could have saved Juice. I watched my dog age gracefully. Juice was on Trifexis for 7 months. His personality changed. He was no longer vibrant, mischievous and full of life. He no longer greeted me when I came through the door. He no longer jumped up when he heard my car coming into the drive way. My spouse is bedridden and would get great joy out of seeing how Juice responded to me. Juice’s change was noticeable. I like many others attributed the change to age. Looking back it seems kind of crazy because the change was so sudden and abrupt. Then one night ( about 2 am) I heard these horrendous screams. I went to check it out and I found my sweet sweet baby, Juice, struggling to get up and screaming. Yes, it wasn’t whimpering it was screams. It broke my heart to hear him cry out like that and I couldn’t do anything to help him. At that point I had no idea what had happened to cause such pain and his inability to master control of his muscles. I lay beside him and talked to him soothed him and eventually he calmed down. He just lay there exhausted from his ordeal. Not 12 hours later the same thing happened. We had visitors some children were playing with Juice so I erroneously assumed they had been too rough with him. Again, I lay down beside him, talking to him soothing him, that seemed to calm him down. Juice had a habit of coming to me when he wasn’t feeling well. The next time he had an attack I witnessed exactly what happened. He came into my room. He stood by my side for a moment and appeared to become a bit disoriented. He began to walk away from me and I noticed he was starting to lose control of his hind legs. It seemed like the worse part of the attack starts with a loss of the hind legs. He began to collapse and scream as he was falling. I watch this thing ripple through his body with a helplessness that brings me to tears even now. He was so confused and hurting. He couldn’t understand what was happening to him and nor did I. But what I do know is Juice had four of these attacks in a 36 hour period. Mind you Juice had just had his annual physical 2 weeks earlier, a clean bill of health. What I had not realized was this attack happened after his 7th dosage of Trifexis. I believe his body had absorbed as much of the Toxins as it could and now his body was reacting. I rushed him to the emergency hospital. Diagnosed him as having seizures warned me his death was imminent and sent him home with meds. I saw his regular vet the day after. She gave him an IV. Told me all the things that was wrong with him. Galloping heartbeat, anemia, possible bleeding in the belly, and dehydration (which the IV was meant to take care of).

      I couldn’t understand how my dogs health could fail so rapidly. Juice was a great energetic dog just months before and now I was looking at having to euthanize him. It hurt me to hear him scream and to have to carry him out to relieve himself. He could no longer make it to the door to go outside. He’d collapse and lose control of his bladder. All the while looking at me with pleading eyes. Juice had never gone in the house more than 5 times in his life and that was during potty training.

      I was unaware of all the hullabaloo regarding Trifexis. Good Lord, I wish I had known. I later found a site where one owner had actually videotaped the attack her dog was having. It was the EXACT way Juice looked when he went through and attack. This dog was 8 years Juices junior but was experiencing the same issues. I later read up on the experiences of many owners that had dogs go through the same thing. The dogs ages were varying from weeks old to many years but the symptoms were all the same. Ironically, it turns out my neighbor just put her dog down in September for the VERY SAME ISSUES.

      The only common denominator in ALL these cases is Trifexis. More independent studies should be done regarding Trifexis…PERIOD! My dog’s death was unnecessary and extremely painful. I feel like I paid to kill (purchasing Trifexis at a whopping $143 a six pack) my dog. I am angry Juice was a great pet and member of the family and I am devastated at his loss! Owners beware if you have even a reasonable doubt DON’T USE Trifexis!

    • Becky I encourage you to find actual proof that 700 animals have died after taking Trifexis. If someone could produce even 5 necropsies stating Trifexis as the cause of death, I would encourage such information. This is a un factual report and you should call the FDA and ask for this information. This was a news report where the proper investigation was not done. This was a small group of pet owners devastated over the loss of a pet and needing to place blame and the owner of the main site on Facebook is only interested in a class action lawsuit and is truly misleading the public. I am greatful to see pet owners such as Phyllis Bedford that researched this further than just spreading mis information based on no scientific evidence.

      • Jewels, you are nothing more than a bully! You have bullied any and all that have gotten on your facebook page “Trifexis Does Not Kill Dogs” and tried to have a civil dialogue with you. Your co-bully, Lauren Bowling and yourself has done nothing more than disregard any adverse effects that owners have witnessed and defended this drug, NO MATTER WHAT! You have also banned any opposing opinions. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are nothing more than a mean-spirited person that has a feud with the “OTHER” facebook page “Does Trifexis Kill Dogs” Why don’t you get off you high horse and leave these people alone! You have mocked pet owners, made fun of them, laughed at them; all while you CLAIM to love animals. Whatever!

      • My dog did fine with Trifexis for 4 months; on the fifth month he vomited a few hours after being given Trifexis; on the sixth month he vomited for three hours after being given the pill. We called our vet (now seeing a connection). He told us to stop using Trifexis and recommended another product as well. I have sinced found out that one of the major ingredients in Trifexis is made in China. After the baby formula debacle and numerous dog food recalls I won’t use anything that comes from China. I’m not sure what would have happened if I had continued to give my dog Trifexis. I’m glad I stopped when I did so I didn’t have to find out.

      • Jewels, then answer this question. What WOULD a necropsy show for a dog who died of insecticidal poisoning? Specifically Trifexis?

        The answer is it wouldn’t.

        • Well, the other page banned all opposing info as well. She wasn’t bullying, she was asking for information, as was I. The only bullying going on here is you Lisa, because we are questioning these accounts instead of blindly assigning blame with no evidence. I’m not saying these dogs didn’t die, but there are literally HUNDREDS of things that cause these symptoms, and all the symptoms in these different dogs are so varied, that I’d like scientific proof before we condemn a drug based on mass hysteria.

    • I too just recently saw this information and freaked out. My puppy hasn’t had any problems and has been on it for 3 months. He’s a 31 week Yorkie. I plan on calling vet, talking through the information, and watching my dog. I give him Blue Buffalo food and crush pull on top. I’ve noticed it smells like chlorine but he doesn’t have problem eating his food with it. These reports scare the he’ll out of me but if it works for me I’ll keep using.

  26. In my opinion, this poison will eventually be pulled from the market and a recall done. But, for God’s sake, why don’t Vets in particular do some research (more than just listening to their Elanco Rep or the rhetoric Elanco puts out). YOU are the providers of health care to the ones we love and we trust you. When you are reading (if you bother to read information put out by “pet owners”) the THOUSANDS of reports saying that dogs became very ill or died (healthy dog) after taking Trifexis, can this be just a “coincidence” and the dog really had something (undetected) wrong. I don’t think so and neither can you. I have nine Yorkies who got this stuff forced down their throats by the person who loved them (and they love right back) for five months. I just pray I haven’t done something that will come to haunt me in the future. Doctor, help your patients and forget about Elanco and the profits from Trifexis.

  27. I believe this drug needs way further independent testing. I have 2 dogs, and am probably one of the lucky ones. My yorkie poo had seizures on it within an hour of taking her dose. Upon consulting the vet, she assured me it was safe, but not to give her anymore doses. My other dog seemed to do okay on it. Within 3 months from the first dose, he now has uncontrollable diabetes. I have spent a fortune on it. Maybe just a coincidence? but why on earth would you even gamble. So many other treatments out there that are proven safe. Needless to say, I no longer use that product and question with soo many stories of dead dogs and dogs with near death experiences why would anyone want to use it. When I questioned my vet about the diabetes, she game me the run around. Obviously not wanting me to sue them for it.

  28. why doesn’t someone investigate this further. there’s something causing dogs to become ill and have horrible side effects or die after taking trifexis. my dog had one dose and in 2 hrs. started having problems. she had so much damage to her liver I had to put her down.. It’s time they listen to the people..

  29. In my community alone I know five dog who started having seizures or “neurological episodes” after taking Trifexis. One if these dogs has also gone blind in the past year. He was a top notch frisbee and flyball dog.
    My own dog was given Comfortis (Spinosad – one if the two ingredients in Trifexis) 45 days prior to breeding. She delivered two puppies, one with cerebellar defect, head tilt, balance issues, intention tremors. The other pup seemed normal but when started on Trifexis as an adult he developed sever absence seizures. Many people don’t even notice or report absence seizures, or if they do they report them as simply “staring”, “spacey” or “lethargic”.
    I truly believe this is a dangerous drug and should be pulled from the market. Although some of the news stories I found to be a stretch (dog with diabetus), the number if dogs developing seizures and the number of dogs I have seen dying from organs inside dying and bleeding out is WAY to many to be coincidental.

  30. FACT: Pet owners are told to have their pets ingest something that kills something else yet also told this product is safe for pet…even thought it’s so strong that when ingested – it kills something else.

    FACT: The company that produces this pill offers you a free pill if your pet throws up the first pill. Meaning – it’s so common for pets to throw up the pill – your vet gives you a free one.

    FACT: In reality the 50 million pills this company has supposedly “sold” is actually significantly lower due to pet throwing up the pill & the manufacturer offering a free pill.

    FACT: I have give this pill to three different dogs & not one is able to keep the pill down

    FACT: This investigative reporting contradicts everything you provided and cites 700 pet deaths from Trifexis http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/owners-blame-700-dog-deaths-trifexis/nb5B4/

    FACT: I was told repeatedly by numerous vets Nutro Food was an excellent food to give my dogs & cats. Nutro was manufactured by Menu Food as was part of the largest food product recall in US history in 2007. I had 32 pouches of this poison in my house and had unknowingly poisoned my dog by feeding her this. It was later learned rat poison was in this food made in China.

    FACT: Every vet’s office I walk into has Science Diet. We are repeatedly told how wonderful this food is only for this garbage too to be recalled as it killed cats.

  31. I think you guys need to ask for a new double blind independent statistical analysis of this drug. I have 5 dogs and gave 3 of them trifexis on the same day. 2 were fine. 1 got gravely ill. Within 12 hrs, the dog went from no issues to walking in circles, neck craning, tail tucked, exhibiting signs of pain that I’ve never before seen. Cost me 3 grand in vet and hospital bills. He survived, and I attribute that to the amount of care he received. His pancreas got inflamed to the point of consuming itself. As a consumer, I would tell anyone to stay away from this drug, and as a individual, I now question your status as an independent organization. Seems like you are being funded by Elanco (the maker of Trifexis) to me.

  32. I’ve read too many reports about dogs taking the pill and getting very ill to not question the meds. It’s a fairly new drug and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets yanked soon. All recalled drugs were said to be safe too. Both of my dogs became ill and so did my friends dog. My neighbors started having seizures for no reason. I will never give this to my dogs again.

  33. It’s not just media reports, it’s actual reports from dog owners who just started using the product, and their dogs died. People are urging others to not take the product. Check any website, or ask any of these owners and they begged me not to give it to my dog. They can say they did that with all new products but my dogs meant more to me then to take a chance it wouldn’t kill them. It’s not just rumors, it’s countless stories from numerous pet owners. Research any product before giving it to your dog, they depend on us solely to care for them.

  34. Shawn, many pharmaceuticals include ingredients made in other countries, including China. I don’t work for Elanco and I’m not familiar with the sources of their ingredients, so I can’t confirm or deny that statement.

    I realize it’s easy to be concerned about ANY product that has any component from China, given the past few years’ events, but the pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated and the quality control standards are strict. The dogs’ deaths in these cases were not related to the drug, so there’s no indication at this time that there is a problem with Trifexis regardless of the drug ingredient source.

    The decision is, however, up to you. Talk to your veterinarian about your concerns. If you want to switch products, that’s your prerogative and there are other products available for your use. The key is to continue protecting your pet from heartworm and other parasites. However, if your only concern is the source of the ingredient, I don’t know if any of the other products also have non-U.S. ingredients. I suspect they do.

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  36. What about he fact that one of the ingredients is made in China? I’ve used Trifexis, but not sure I want to continue knowing this fact.

    Your thoughts, please.

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