Two free webinars to focus on veterinary wellness, well-being

Veterinarians face singular challenges in their jobs, and the rates of suicide and depression are unusually high among the U.S. profession. There is growing concern about the prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress, possibly heightened by issues such as finances, compassion fatigue and poor work-life balance.

Education and awareness are powerful tools to help veterinarians work through the issues. That’s why AVMA LIFE and the Pet Poison Helpline are teaming up to offer two free wellness webinars to AVMA members. Both webinars will be led by Dr. Elizabeth Strand, a licensed clinical social worker and director of veterinary social work at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Elizabeth Strand

Dr. Elizabeth Strand

The first webinar, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Moral Stress, and Veterinary Mental Health takes place Dec. 8, from noon to 1 p.m. Central Time. This presentation will create a conceptual framework for understanding how poor mental health outcomes occur and how they can be reversed. The topics of adverse childhood events and moral stress will be introduced as factors that contribute to these mental health outcomes. The session will end with hopeful research about how these problems can be reversed.

The second webinar, Neural-integration and the Reversal of Poor Wellbeing in Veterinary Medicine, will be held Jan. 26, 2017, also from noon to 1 p.m. Central Time. This session will review in more detail the neural integration that is needed for healthy minds and healthy relationships within the field of veterinary medicine. Through research evidence and case studies, the behaviors associated with changing the trajectory of depression, anxiety and stress in the field of veterinary medicine will be presented. Attendees will leave the session with an action plan for reversing poor wellness in themselves and others.

2 thoughts on “Two free webinars to focus on veterinary wellness, well-being

  1. Hi Kasie- Thank you for reaching out! All students are welcome and we encourage you to sign up! Follow the link in the above article and you will be registered for the webinar.

    Best regards,
    Katrina Geitner, DVM
    AVMA Life
    Trust Representative, Student Services

  2. Good evening,
    My name is Kasie Richey and I am third year veterinary student at Ross University SVM and proud SAVMA member. I would like to first say thank you for offering the free Vet. Wellness webinars for veterinary professionals via JAVMA News. Secondly, I would like to inquire about the possibility of SAVMA members accessing the webinars as well. Is this a possibility or something to be considered for future webinars?
    Thank you for your time,
    Kasie Richey
    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
    DVM Candidate, 2018
    SAVMA Wellness Committee Chairman
    RUSVM SAVMA Delegate

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