Economics Committee Off to a Busy Start

Members of the AVMA’s newly formed Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee held their first meeting earlier this month, and they really took off running. The committee’s actions resulted in the AVMA Executive Board approving a recommendation during its meeting just last … read more >

Appointees Named to AVMA Governance and Member Participation Task Force

The AVMA would like to congratulate the appointees to our new Task Force on AVMA Governance and Member Participation. The 11-member body will conduct critical strategic discussions designed to review and evaluate our governance structure, including the AVMA Executive Board, … read more >

Pesticide Use and You

We hate pests. Unfortunately, they love us. Whether we’re talking about flea and tick control in companion animals, or protecting livestock and the feed they eat, our clients look to us to help them tackle pest problems. It’s part of … read more >

What Court’s Ruling on Compounding Means for Veterinarians

On Monday, a district court in Florida issued a ruling that denied FDA’s request for an injunction to prohibit Franck’s Lab from compounding veterinary drugs from bulk active ingredients. There were some key points in the court’s ruling: In reviewing … read more >