Challenges in Application of Cultural Competency to Practice

Our first ever clinic staff retreat. Virgin territory. A daring investment of time, money, emotional energy – which can be in short supply in a fledgling business. Between the storm-waylaid practice consultant and professional retreat facilitator and that mid-workshop discussion … read more >

Cultural Competence: What is it and why do I need it?

As veterinarians we are trained to treat many different species, so we get the concept of diversity… at least diversity in the animal kingdom. But each animal is attached to a person and that person brings to each encounter unique … read more >

President’s Trip Log – Heartland Veterinary Leadership Conference

The Heartland Veterinary Leadership Conference invites the officers and delegates from the thirteen member state VMAs to a different venue every year to discuss issues of importance to organized veterinary medicine.  The thirteen states that are members of the Heartland … read more >