FDA acts to boost supply of sterile fluids for treating large animals

2/25/2015 Update: We have learned that some U.S.-based veterinary distributors are currently exploring opportunities to distribute the imported product in the USA. Across the country, the scarcity of sterile fluids for use in human medicine is big news, ranging from local news outlets, to … read more >

AVMA hosts education on antiparasitic resistance

When parasites become less susceptible to the treatments that had controlled them in the past, animal health suffers. In livestock, this may also negatively impact production. Practical and effective strategies to combat antiparasitic resistance are critical. To help enhance the … read more >

AVMA launches new resources on animal transport and travel

Collectively, people move hundreds of thousands of animals from one place to another across the nation and around the world every day. To help reduce risks posed to animals, people, and ecosystems by such travel, countries, territories, states, and even … read more >