‘Chipping’ In

In keeping with a “more-information-is-better” theme, our Communications and Membership and Field Services divisions, with an assist from the AVMA Council on Veterinary Service, also recently updated our microchipping backgrounder and FAQ. There’s been a lot of great information coming out over the past few years that fills a lot of the gaps about what microchip scanners can do and how effective they are. So we included that information in our updated backgrounder on microchipping, which is geared toward veterinarians and includes all the scientific references you need.

 The FAQ, on the other hand, is designed for your clients and the general public, taking the pertinent information from the backgrounder and putting it into easily understood terms. We hope you find both the backgrounder and the FAQ useful. And don’t forget to let your clients know about all the resources they can find on our Web site.

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