Now You be the ‘Star’

We fell a few points short. But hey, who wouldn’t be happy with 97 out of 100?

Our headquarters building in suburban Chicago has earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star for its energy efficiency and environmental protection efforts, falling only three points short of a perfect score. Improvements we made over the past few years during remodeling work at the building, such as phasing in more energy-efficient lighting fixtures and maximizing the utilization of office space, helped us score so high.

The EPA’s national energy performance rating system assesses how efficiently buildings use energy relative to similar buildings nationwide. A building that scores a rating of 75 or higher is eligible for the Energy Star. Commercial buildings that earn the Energy Star use an average of 40 percent less energy than typical buildings and release 35 percent less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The Energy Star award is just one example of how we, as an association, are trying our best to go – and stay – green. Another aspect of our eco-friendly approach is trying to reduce the use of paper on both our end and yours. That’s one reason why our Membership and Field Services Division is offering online membership renewals. By going online to the AVMA membership renewal page, you can log in with your ID number and password and pay your dues today. If your employer pays your dues, or if you’re the one in charge, you can also take advantage of our online group pay option. It’s that easy.

2 thoughts on “Now You be the ‘Star’

  1. Here in New York that Energy Star thing is big too. We see it all over the place and even though our state is totally broke, they are pushing people to do the right thing on conservation by giving them incentives. My only hope is that it continues when the money is all gone and we are in the same situation as CA when it comes to budget shortfalls.

  2. Congratulations on receiving the Energy Star award for the Schaumburg offices. Besides being energy wise, they are very conducive for productive meetings and facilites that members can be very proud of. AMA…eat your heart out! Now to continue the trend of being energy saving….send JAVMA electronically only. If someone wants paper, they could pay a premium.