Be It Resolved

As the AVMA House of Delegates meets for its regular winter session early next month, volunteers from around the country will gather to represent you – our members – as they tackle a variety of issues. HOD members will consider resolutions on random-source animals in research, swine disease surveillance and the restructuring of House of Delegates Reference Committees. They will also deliberate three proposed amendments to the AVMA Bylaws dealing with student representation at Executive Board meetings, the composition of the HOD and term limits for HOD members.

 Even though the discussions might take place miles away from where you live and work, your opinions are still needed and encouraged. We invite you to check out the proposals and contact your state VMA or constituent allied organization to share your thoughts. They count, and you deserve to be heard.

One thought on “Be It Resolved

  1. I disagree with the proposal to raise dues. I’m not convinced that budget tightening is being effectively instituted and find it hard to believe that a 20% increase in dues is needed.

    I do not agree that $250 is a good value for the services received. I’m continually amazed that I still receive my (single) journal in paper form and can only receive 1 (one) journal for my dues rate. Many other professional societies provide online access to every journal they publish. (For example, the American Physiological Society provides online access to all 15 of their peer-reviewed journals back to initiation of publication – 1898 for some! Dues = $140/year)

    I also found it interesting that the AVMA used 3% as the cost of living rate – the US average inflation rate from 2000 to 2007 was only 2.546% (2002 was 1.753%). It will likely be no higher for 2008 to 2011.

    There is not enough transparency regarding the AVMA budget process, particularly with regards to expenses and future budget planning.