In the News

There’s a lot going on in your world, and it sure isn’t easy keeping up with all the news stories related to veterinary medicine. Fear not. The AVMA is here is for you.

When our Communications Division started AVMA News Bytes back in 2005, we wanted to be able to send a daily “media digest” to members of AVMA leadership, giving them an easy-to-read synopsis of the day’s media coverage related to all things veterinary medicine. It was a big hit, and we soon learned that many more of you also wanted to receive it. When we made it available to our entire membership just a few months back, interest skyrocketed and we soon realized that we had a huge audience, even bigger than we could handle ourselves.

Due to the increased demands News Bytes placed on our staff and our e-mail system, we recently partnered with a company called SmartBrief to provide all of our members, as well as the public, with Animal Health SmartBrief, the successor to News Bytes. In it, you’ll find news stories related to veterinary medicine, animal news, small business issues, policy updates and specific media mentions of the AVMA, as well as news directly from the association.

 Animal Health SmartBrief is a natural evolution of News Bytes, one that allows us to provide the quality product that began with News Bytes but to a larger and broader audience, while freeing up staff time and possibly even serving as a non-dues revenue source. We urge you to check out a sample of Animal Health SmartBrief and to sign up if you like what you see. And if you become one of the more than 10,000 fans who already subscribed in the first few days, why not pass it along to your friends and colleagues, as well?

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