Broadening Horizons

As you know, externships are an invaluable part of a veterinary student’s education. The externship experience offers hands-on opportunities not always available during vet school rotations, and it can open doors to new career choices. Simply put, the externship experience helps build knowledge – and it doesn’t hurt a student’s resumé either.

 The AVMA believes in the value of externships; our volunteer Member Services Committee and our Membership and Field Services Division, which administer the program, are committed to the students who pursue them. That’s why we’re so proud of our hugely successful AVMA Student Externship Stipend Program. The program offers financial assistance to students seeking to broaden their education through experience in public practice, corporate veterinary medicine and food supply veterinary practice. Since being approved by the AVMA Executive Board in 2004, the program has provided $1,000 stipends to dozens of students.

 This year, our Member Services Committee awarded stipends to 15 students representing 13 veterinary schools and colleges from around the nation. A subcommittee of the Member Services Committee reviewed 40 applications for this year’s stipends and commented that the high quality of applicants made the selection process a difficult one.

 We’re now looking forward to our next pool of externship hopefuls. If you know of a student looking for an externship opportunity, point them our way.

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