The Doctors Are In

They come with questions – lots of questions. Why isn’t my dachshund able to keep her food down? Why is my poodle urinating so frequently, both outside and indoors? Could my two-month-old kitten be in heat?

Thanks to the recent collaboration between the AVMA and WebMD, pet owners visiting the WebMD Pet Health Exchange are finding the guidance they seek. Now live and available to the pet-owning public at no charge, the Pet Health Exchange relies on volunteer veterinary experts – who are all AVMA members – to help educate the public about their pets’ health and the importance of veterinary visits.

Our lineup of Pet Health Exchange guest expert veterinarians continues to grow, but we’re always looking for more folks who are willing to dedicate some of their time to answering posted questions and helping the conversations along. Veterinarians participating in the exchange are not expected to diagnose or prescribe treatment for any animal’s condition. Instead, they provide basic information and guidance, always encouraging pet owners to visit their veterinarian. This community is not a substitute for proper veterinary medical care. Instead, it’s intended to provide pet owners with the accurate information they need so they can take a more active role as part of the team managing their pet’s health.

If you’d like to learn more, or are interested in joining the online expert group, contact Dr. Kim May, assistant director for Professional and Public Affairs in our Communications Division, at

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