‘Tis the Flea and Tick Season

It’s that time of year, when fleas and ticks start pestering pets. Chances are good your clients will have questions about flea and tick spot-on treatments, especially in light of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s recent announcement that it will be taking steps to increase the safety of the products.

There’s no better place for your clients to look – apart from their veterinarian’s office – than the AVMA’s special Animal Health Web page on fleas and ticks. Designed primarily for the public, this page contains helpful information for your clients on all things flea-and-tick. It includes information on external parasites, first-aid tips, podcasts on fleas and ticks and how to prevent and treat them on pets, and links to EPA and Food and Drug Administration resources.

It’s our hope that these items help keep the public informed so they know to talk to you – their veterinarian – about flea and tick products and to make sure they are using the right product in the right way, like not using a product on cats that’s designed for dogs.

We also hope you’ll find the site useful and that you’ll consider commenting on the EPA’s Pet Spot-On Analysis and Mitigation Plan. The EPA is accepting public comment on the plan through May 17, 2010. Your comments will help the EPA in its efforts to reduce the number of reports of adverse reactions to the products.

3 thoughts on “‘Tis the Flea and Tick Season

  1. Your link to the web page on fleas and ticks is no longer found. Please correct this, thanks.

  2. God… I hate those things. You know what’s the worst part? While your pets live inside your home everything is fine and dandy… But try to get them out, and the fleas which live in the house get hungry. I lived though a nightmare last year… My legs were bitten all over up to my knees until I found out it was fleas and called the exterminator.