Kids, Careers … and Homer Simpson

Got a career day in your plans? Looking forward to getting into the classroom to share the joys of being a veterinarian but wondering what to take with you? If so, the AVMA has all the tools you’ll need.

I know. We’re doctors and scientists – not professional speakers. And it’s not always easy to build up the courage to speak before any audience, much less a tough one like fidgeting fourth-graders. So if you need help, we’ve got brand-new, grade-appropriate PowerPoint presentations, complete with presenter’s notes, that’ll help you get through the process. And they’re free.

These colorful presentations are full of useful information presented in an age-appropriate fashion to students in kindergarten through high school. (The X-ray of the Homer Simpson doll inside a dog’s stomach, by the way, will surely be a hit with the younger crowd.) We also have Veterinary Tool Kits, an award-winning career video and classroom posters that are great for any visit. So check them out today, and plan your next career day visit. You’ll help spread the message about veterinary careers. And the kids will love it.

One thought on “Kids, Careers … and Homer Simpson

  1. Thank you! Thank you! I had to go to a career day for a jr high & this was exactly what I needed.