National Veterinary Accreditation Program

We’ve been encouraging our members over the past several months to reapply by Aug. 2 for accreditation through the National Veterinary Accreditation Program. With the deadline rapidly approaching, Dr. DeHaven and I wanted to drop another reminder and urge you to reapply for this valuable program. Private practice veterinarians in the program play a critical role in ensuring animal health. Our country depends extensively on accredited veterinarians like you to carry out many of its animal health programs and services, including animal inspections, testing and certifications in both livestock and companion animals.

If you want to keep your accreditation and avoid having to go through supplemental training for reinstatement into the program, we strongly suggest that you start the renewal process today. Your involvement will go a long way toward making our first line of animal health defense even stronger.

2 thoughts on “National Veterinary Accreditation Program

  1. Thanks for writing, Dr. Hurst. AVMA is aware that APHIS is a little overwhelmed with receiving many thousands of applications and has assured us that all will be processed as soon as possible. We recommend you keep a record of your application and the date and how it was submitted. According to the APHIS website, once your application has been approved, the agency will send you an Elect to Participate Letter containing your renewal date and your national accreditation number. Until then, you may continue to perform accredited duties under your existing accreditation number.

  2. I filled out the forms on line several months ago. I have heard nothing back since then. Should I inguire?