Scratching That Itch

Do you have a bit of a “wild” side? If so, you might want to check out a new database on the AVMA website that allows you to search for training and service opportunities in conservation, environmental, wildlife and zoological medicine.

We know there are people looking for just these types of opportunities, and we know there are people offering them too. What we didn’t have, however, was a way to bring the two of you together. Now we do. The new database helps you connect to wild animal parks, zoos, aquariums – you name it – that offer externships, internships, residencies, graduate programs and work experience. And they’re all just a few clicks of the mouse away, whether you’re looking for opportunities in such faraway places as Pretoria, South Africa, or as close to home as, say, Cumberland, Ohio.

So if you’re looking to expand your horizons, we invite you to take a look. And, if you have programs to offer, the database even has a link that allows you to contact us and send us your information.

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