Veterinary Recalls

There’s often some uncertainty associated with the recall of veterinary drugs, medical devices and pet products. Who doesn’t remember looking for answers just in the past year when we experienced two very significant recalls of ketamine and West Nile Virus vaccine? And none of us will soon forget the pet food recall of 2007.

Here at the AVMA, we strive to provide our members the best information available when recalls are announced. As we gather information from authoritative sources like the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we make that information available to you as quickly as possible through our Web site, e-mails, and even our Twitter feed and Facebook page.

We’ve already got a section of our Web site dedicated to pet food and pet treat recalls and alerts, and it continues to serve as an excellent resource for veterinarians and pet owners alike – we’ve even expanded it to include recalls and alerts about food products for other species. After the ketamine and West Nile Virus vaccine incidents, however, we decided that we also needed a central clearinghouse for information about recalls of drugs, biologicals, devices and other products. So you can now go to our Product Safety Recalls and Alerts page on our Web site to find out the latest information as recalls occur. You’ll also be able to view a sortable list of all product recalls and alerts, and you’ll find a convenient link that will allow you to report a product problem directly to the FDA.

We whittle down the reams of USDA and FDA information to provide you with easily accessible information that you can share with your clients. No one likes to see a product recall, but we can all be better prepared when they do arise by being informed and knowing where to find accurate, up-to-date information.

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