Animal Welfare Division at Convention

Animal Welfare Division Staff

Animal Welfare Division Staff

The Animal Welfare Division will be well represented at AVMA’s 147th Annual Convention (July 31 – August 3 in Atlanta). We will be helping out during the business sessions, staffing round table discussions, and exploring issues old and new during the continuing education program.

If you will be attending the Convention please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.  Attending will be (from left) Dr. Joan Arnoldi, Dr. Cia Johnson, Dr. Emily Patterson-Kane, Dr. Gail Golab (Director) as well as our invaluable administrative assistant Kathleen Sikora (not shown).

Got a question about the Division, the Animal Welfare Committee or the AVMA in general? Be sure to attend AVMA Liveand get that question answered! And for more information about the AVMA Animal Welfare Division please visit our website.

If you collect a business card from all four of us during convention, send a photo of you with the cards to with a mailing address, and receive a mystery prize!

2 thoughts on “Animal Welfare Division at Convention

  1. @Michele Pfannenstiel
    Dear Dr. Pfannenstiel,

    Thanks so much for requesting information about the American College of Animal Welfare (ACAW). The ACAW is an independent group seeking a recommendation for approval as a veterinary specialty organization from the AVMA’s American Board of Veterinary Specialties (ABVS).

    You can find a brief description of the proposed specialty college here: More detailed information is available from the ACAW’s website at

    Requirements for recognition by the ABVS are stringent and organizations meeting those requirements commit a great deal of energy and effort to doing so. Information about the ABVS, including the requirements that must be met for recognition, is available here:

    I hope these resources are helpful.

    Gail C. Golab, PhD, DVM, MACVSc
    Director, Animal Welfare Division

  2. could you put out some more information on the proposed College of Animal Welfare? Who proposed it? What are the standards? That sort of stuff