Avian Accolades

Convention also served as the perfect setting for an opportunity to strengthen the AVMA’s relationship with our colleagues at the American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP). The AAAP hosted its Annual Symposium and Scientific Program during our convention. Dr. Christine Hoang, from the AVMA’s Scientific Activities Division, presented their keynote address during the symposium and shared AVMA knowledge about veterinary feed directives during the group’s Drugs and Therapeutics Committee meeting.

Christine’s time spent with AAAP members helped us better engage their membership at a grassroots level, which both the AAAP and the AVMA believe will lead to increased collaboration on a variety of issues, including antibiotic use, animal welfare and governmental regulatory actions. It was also a great opportunity to educate AAAP members on what the AVMA does – and can do – for them on many issues.

Many AAAP and AVMA members belong to both groups, and as a matter of fact, several AAAP members served or have served on numerous AVMA councils, committees, task forces and in our House of Delegates. This type of cross-pollination among the AVMA and its allied groups is vital if we are going to ensure that veterinary interests are recognized and protected across all species.

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