Extralabel Drug Use and You

With so few veterinary drugs on the market compared to the number of human drugs, we run into a lot of issues when it comes to the availability of approved medications to treat our patients. That’s often when extralabel drug use comes into play. But are you aware of all the conditions related to extralabel drug use set forth by the Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act (AMDUCA) of 1994, as well as the key role played by U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations?

If not, check out our new FAQ on extralabel drug use and AMDUCA. We put the FAQ together because there was a recognized need for a document that would help answer some of the most common questions we hear about extralabel drug use, and to help clarify exactly when it’s OK to use extralabel drugs. We tried to anticipate your questions in the FAQ, and we even included a link to an algorithm and some examples of clinical circumstances in which extralabel drug use might be employed.

We’ve probably all had questions when it comes to extralabel drug use, and now we hope you’ve found a place for the right answers. If you have other questions about AMDUCA and extralabel drug use, please let us know.

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