Salmonella and Other Recalls

In the past, when it came to finding timely, accurate information about pet food and product recalls, veterinarians didn’t have a lot of options. Apart from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and some members-only Internet sites, veterinarians have been fairly limited in the number of resources to help us answer some pretty serious questions from our clients. That is why the AVMA is constantly scanning the environment for recall alerts that we know will impact you and your clients, and updating the relevant information on our Web site.

Your clients are asking more questions these days about the safety of their pet food. And they are wondering if there are more pet-food recalls nowadays than in the past. We need look no further than just the past few weeks, when Proctor & Gamble announced a recall of its veterinary formula and several specialty dry pet foods due to potential Salmonella contamination. Add to that a new study reporting for the first time that human Salmonella infection has been associated with dry dog and cat food, and you have pet owners more concerned than ever about the safety of the products they feed to their pets.

We immediately let our members know about the study results on Aug. 9, just after we received word about the documented risk of human Salmonella infection associated with dry pet foods. We sent an e-mail alert out to thousands of AVMA members who have signed up for the free member service, and we also posted an FAQ on our Web site that we hope helped you answer some of your clients’ questions.

We consider these resources critical to advancing your knowledge of important developments in the veterinary field, developments that can happen in the blink of an eye and can spread throughout the public domain as quickly as pressing a “send” button on a computer or mobile device. We hope you will look to us first when you need information that matters most to you and your clients.

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