‘Collect’ Yourself

Reader surveys indicate that the AVMA journals – the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Journal of Veterinary Research – contain the most trusted and the most respected scientific content in our profession. But you also told us that you would like the content to be easier to locate and apply to your daily professional challenges. That’s why we created AVMA Collections, which has just been updated with a new compilation of single-topic articles on feral cats.

Our goal with Collections is to help you easily find numerous sources of information on a single topic with one click of the mouse. We’ve organized information by topics that reflect what’s hot in veterinary medicine and public health – things like obesity in companion animals, zoonotic diseases, heartworm and rabies. We hope you will find Collections to be another useful tool in your ongoing veterinary education. And if you want to suggest topics that interest you, let us know.

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