Access PAC Newsletter

Access gets us places. It opens doors. It lets our voice be heard. The AVMA’s Political Action Committee – AVMAPAC – is helping veterinarians get that valuable access on Capitol Hill and along the corridors of government. One way for us to spread the word about our advocacy activities is our newest e-mail newsletter, Access PAC. Every quarter, Access PAC subscribers will get delivered to them information about legislative issues of concern to veterinary medicine, what candidates AVMAPAC supports and why, how good a job your senators and representatives are doing for you, and other information that can help make you a more effective advocate for the profession.

Many of you should have already received the first issue of Access PAC. We sent it out just a few days ago. If you’d like to keep getting it, you can subscribe by visiting our AVMA Member E-mail Subscription Center. We invite you to sign up today. Access PAC is free to all AVMA members, although federal election law bars us from making it available to student members.

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