Animal Tracks

No one is as reliable as a veterinarian when it comes to providing the best information to clients about pet care and pet health. That’s why the AVMA Communications Division regularly looks to veterinarians to serve as experts on subject matter for our Animal Tracks podcast series. Designed with the public in mind, Animal Tracks provides weekly podcasts on subjects as varied as disaster preparedness, pet separation anxiety, salmonella and pet food, and the perils of canine parvovirus. The podcasts are available through our Web site, iTunes and as an RSS feed. These are great audio resources for your clients, and we invite you to post a link to our Animal Tracks page on your clinic, state VMA or institutional Web site. Or, you can recommend that your clients visit the site directly. If you have ideas for future podcasts, or if you’d like to offer your expertise on a topic, contact Michael San Filippo at

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