Bill of the Week: November 8-12, 2010

This week I am launching a new feature on AVMA@Work called the Bill of the Week.  The Bill of the Week entries will highlight noteworthy pieces of legislation from across the country.

This week, Michigan proposed HB 6562 to regulate large-scale commercial breeding kennels.  The bill would establish the Puppy Protection Act, providing that a person who operates a large-scale commercial breeding kennel shall not produce more than 10 litters of puppies for sale as pets in a calendar year unless the dogs in are provided with all of the following: (a) adequate housing; (b) adequate sanitary conditions; (c) sufficient room for each dog to turn and stretch freely in its primary enclosure; (d) adequate food and water; (e) regular exercise; (f) adequate veterinary care; (g) adequate rest between breeding cycles; and (h) adequate shelter from the elements.  The bill would also provide that a person shall not own, possess, control, or otherwise have charge or custody of more than 50 intact dogs over the age of 4 months at any time.

For the purposes of the Puppy Protection Act, a “large-scale commercial breeding kennel” means a kennel where more than 10 litters of puppies are produced for sale as pets in a calendar year.

The bill was introduced alongside HB 6561, which would require operators of a large-scale commercial breeding kennels to obtain licenses.  This legislation would become effective on January 1, 2012, but only if both bills are signed into law.

This is not the only breeder-related legislation we’ve seen in the wake of Missouri’s Proposition B.  On Wednesday, Colorado adopted amended rules which further assist the Department of Agriculture in its administration and enforcement of the Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act.

As state legislatures begin to pre-file bills for the 2011 session, we will be keeping a close eye on legislative developments on this issue.

One thought on “Bill of the Week: November 8-12, 2010

  1. It seems that the Michigan bill is patterned after Missouri’s Prop B, with a 50 dog limit per facility and exemptions for animal control and animal protection shelters. These provisions differ from the AVMA Model Dog Welfare Law, found online at: