We’re revamping AVMA.org – and need members to help

Our website redevelopment project is starting to gear up, and we’re looking for members who can volunteer about 30 minutes to help us with what we think is a kind of fun and interesting exercise.

One of the first tasks in any website redesign project is defining the structure and organization needed for the website – what’s known to web professionals as site architecture. This has nothing to do with the aesthetic look and feel of the website but everything to do with how site visitors navigate through the website and find content on it.

While some associations rely entirely on staff to define their site architecture, we feel strongly that members need to be involved – because the website ultimately needs to work well for you.

So we’re looking for members to take part in something called a card-sort exercise. This will be conducted online, at your computer, and all you will need is internet access and Flash Player. The tool that you’ll use has a very simple, drag-and-drop interface. We’ll give you a list of content types, and ask you to group like items together and provide a name for each group.

If you volunteer to help us with this, we’ll send you instructions next week by email, and you’ll have a week to complete the exercise, at your leisure.  All we ask is that you do the exercise in one sitting, as your schedule permits, anytime between Wednesday, November 24th, and Tuesday, November 30th.

Any AVMA members interested in helping with this testing can volunteer in the comments section below, or by sending me an email at OnlineServices @avma.org by close of business on Monday, November 29th.

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