Congress Designates 2011 World Veterinary Year

In 2011, the veterinary profession will celebrate its 250th anniversary, and the whole world is celebrating, including Congress!

On December 8, H.R 1531, the resolution to designate 2011 as World Veterinary Year, was passed unanimously by the U.S. House of Representatives.  The Senate passed the resolution in September.  Because these are resolutions of support, they do not need to be signed by the President.

This resolution recognizes and brings attention to the important role veterinarians play in the lives of Americans, from taking care of our beloved pets to ensuring the safety of the food we eat and working with our Armed Forces to help countries establish healthy productive agricultural systems, American veterinarians serve the American public.

Representative Kurt Schrader (D-Oregon) and Senator John Ensign (R-Nevada), currently the only veterinarians serving in Congress, introduced the resolution.

Vet 2011 events will be taking place around the world to commemorate this anniversary, with the official opening ceremony taking place in Versailles, France, on January 24, 2011.

I want to thank all AVMA-CAN members who have been contacting their Members of Congress in support of this resolution. This wouldn’t be possible without you!

If you are not a member of AVMA-CAN, you can join here to get involved in grassroots advocacy and the advancement of the veterinary profession.