Foresight is 20/20

In the movies, all it takes to envision the future is a crystal ball.  Throw in a few robots and flying cars, and you’ve got the sci-fi version of the future.  But in real life, it’s not that simple.

The AVMA 20/20 Vision Commission has been charged with creating a vision for the AVMA – in other words, what does the AVMA of 2020 look like and, perhaps more important, how do we get there?  It’s easy to fantasize your “dream AVMA”, but turning that fantasy into reality is much more involved than one might think.

To date, the Commission has held two in-person meetings, with conference calls and numerous email exchanges in between.  They’ve performed a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of the Association, which included a survey of randomly selected AVMA leadership, members, nonmembers, and other stakeholder groups to supplement the Commission’s own SWOT analysis.  They’ve studied the megatrends, both within and outside the veterinary profession, that will impact our profession and the Association over the next ten years – our world is changing at such a rapid rate that it would be naïve to ignore the significant effects these trends will have on all of us.

What’s next, you ask? They’ve come a long way in a short time, and now the Commission members will continue to process all of the information they’ve gained and craft a concept of what the AVMA should be in 2020.  Once that big step has been completed, they begin the daunting task of identifying the process to achieve this vision.  They will submit a report detailing the vision to the AVMA Executive Board, most likely at the April 2011 Board meeting.

It may not be as glamorous as a crystal ball, but this is far too important to trust to mystical powers.

For more information about the 20/20 Commission and its members, read the July 1 JAVMA News article.

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