State Advocacy

From veterinary practice acts to animal welfare initiatives, an army of issues require the constant attention of the AVMA’s State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Department. Staff members in the department are in constant contact with state veterinary medical associations so that we can assist them in researching and tracking legislation that impacts you on the state level. We also follow everything from animal welfare to scope-of-practice issues so that veterinarians can stay on top of what their state is doing in the veterinary realm. 

A new member service we just launched last month is our Bill of the Week feature on the AVMA@Work Blog. The Bill of the Week entries will highlight noteworthy pieces of state legislation from across the country that we believe are important to you and the veterinary profession as a whole. We’ve already covered a proposal in Michigan to regulate large-scale commercial breeding kennels and the proposed establishment of livestock care standards in Texas. We urge you to visit our blog on a regular basis to see more Bill of the Week features, as well as a wide variety of other informative items related to veterinary medicine.

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