Bill of the Week: Arkansas HB 1055

On December 15th, Arkansas pre-filed HB 1055, a bill that would significantly alter the scope of practice for veterinarians in the state.

The bill would exclude animal husbandry acts and routine accepted livestock management practices performed for compensation from the Veterinary Practice Act.  These animal husbandry acts and livestock management practices would include, without limitation: (A) branding; (B) castrating; (C) dehorning; (D) deworming; (E) ear notching; (F) tail docking; (G) teeth floating; (H) farriery and hoof care; (I) massage; (J) pregnancy checking; (K) collecting, preparing, or freezing semen; (L) artificial insemination; (M) training; (N) vaccinating; and (O) the acts of a person advising with respect to nutrition, feeds, or feeding.

In addition, the bill would provide that the Veterinary Practice Act does not prohibit any practitioner of acupuncture, chiropractic, or veterinary dentistry from performing the practitioner’s procedures on bovine, equine, porcine, and other farm animals so long as the procedure is performed under the immediate supervision of an Arkansas-licensed veterinarian.  This new exclusion from the Veterinary Practice Act would not, however, apply to the administration of sedatives to any animal or acupuncture, chiropractic, or veterinary dentistry on canines or felines.

If you would like to compare Arkansas’ proposed amendments to other states’ veterinary practice act exemptions, please click here.  How do you think these changes would affect the veterinary industry in Arkansas if they are adopted?

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