Helping Veterinary Students Find What They Need Online

We’ve just revamped the student section of our website to make it easier for SAVMA members to find what they need.

Working closely with the SAVMA officers, we redesigned and reorganized the student area of the site. We’ve improved the site organization, added graphics, and updated the text to be more user-friendly. The revamped landing page includes easy-to-find links to important information such as “Join SAVMA,” “Student Symposium,” “Events and Opportunities” and more. The Vet Gazette is still there, too, along with links to discussion forums and portals for SAVMA volunteer leaders.

SAVMA’s volunteer leaders were instrumental in spearheading this effort, and they deserve kudos for their work. The end result, we hope, is a much more useful resource for SAVMA members and leaders alike.

What do you think? We’d like your feedback. If you have a minute, please take a look at the section, and give us your opinion in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Helping Veterinary Students Find What They Need Online

  1. I am an Iowa St. Univ. graduate veterinarian, now retired in Phoenix AZ. after 43 years of academic, regulatory and mostly small animal practice in California, Arizona and Guatemala.
    I would like to inform fellow veterinarians, vet. students and vet. technicians that I just published a “Manual of English-Spanish Terminology for Veterinarians”.
    Anyone interested can contact me at

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