Spreading the Word on Animal Welfare Policy

Policy is really only as good as its permeation and implementation. In other words, putting things on paper is great, but unless you get them into the field, the effect of that paper trail is limited.

The AVMA Animal Welfare Committee and Animal Welfare Division have been actively looking for ways to familiarize the profession and other stakeholders with the AVMA’s policies and recommendations on animal welfare-related issues. In that regard, we’re pleased to announce that two projects are underway…a series of educational video shorts and a quarterly e-newsletter.

The first of our educational video shorts, which was just released this week, features AVMA’s policy on dehorning of cattle. The new video, which can be viewed on AVMAtv and YouTube, demonstrates the use of local anesthetic and disbudding and helps educate farmers and the general public about how pain management (whether by choice of an appropriate technique, an appropriate age at which to perform procedures, or the use of anesthesia and analgesia) can improve animal welfare. And…if more information is desired, viewers can visit the AVMA animal welfare web pages and explore the related backgrounder.

Have a comment on our first video (or the entire concept)? We’d like to hear from you. And…stay tuned for more video shorts and for the introduction of our quarterly e-newsletter.

One thought on “Spreading the Word on Animal Welfare Policy

  1. The PRCA in their literature and website states that they have the endorsement of the AVMA in their animal welfare rules,my experience with the PRCA is not good.They have at best haphazard enforcement because it is left to the judges at individual rodeos to enforce the rules.This results in widespread to no enforcement.I would encourage the AVMA to take a more active stance and state this endorsement is outdated and has not been kept current.I have been told pointedly by the head of officiating for the PRCA he is in charge in the arena and if he did not see it it did not happen.As a result my attendance at PRCA rodeos both as a professional and spectator does not happen.