AVMA 20/20 Commission: back to the future

The 20/20 Commission held its last in-person meeting at the AVMA HQ on January 27 and 28, but in one way, their work is just beginning.  The three meetings have allowed open discussion from a diverse group of people with shared experiences but varied perspectives, and they’ve begun to coalesce their vision for what the AVMA will look like in 2020 and what steps may be required to achieve that vision.

Now comes the writing of the report, the official recording of the Commission’s deliberations and the tangible fruit of their labor.  Over the next few weeks, this process will take place via the Commission’s dedicated wiki space (and probably one or two more conference calls to hammer out some details).  Once completed, the Commission’s findings and recommendations will be presented to the AVMA Executive Board at its April meeting.

It’s going to be a hectic few weeks for them, no doubt…but we’re looking forward to seeing their recommendations.  We’re also looking forward to taking action to make the AVMA continue to be relevant to veterinarians and society over the next 10 years and beyond.