State advocacy in high gear at AVMA

During the first five weeks of 2011, I have been privileged to attend several interesting meetings.  I was on a panel with animal law attorneys and heard support for some pretty creative and far-reaching legal changes.  Then I spent a weekend with representatives of U.S. and Canada agriculture, and  state legislators who support agriculture.  What would they think of the ideas advanced by the animal rights lawyers?  I am glad AVMA is engaged in programs with very different viewpoints.  But as always, my favorite gathering was one of veterinarians.  I presented at the Georgia VMA legislative day, and joined the sixty or so GVMA members as the state house and senate read resolutions commending Georgia veterinarians on the chambers floors.  I want to thank the GVMA for their warm Southern hospitality.  I wish I can make more of these state events.    

Meanwhile, our state policy analysts are doing a great job of analyzing the hundreds of bills introduced around the country that may impact animals and veterinarians. We are also trying to keep up with the many requests for assistance we are receiving from state VMAs on a daily basis.  This is truly our busy season, when we can do the most good for our state associations.

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