Over 1000 comments submitted on model practice act

As the public comment period on the AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act ended yesterday, we are pleased to announce that over 1000 comments on individual sections of the Act were submitted on the AVMA Web site.  These include a great number of member and non-member comments, and as you can imagine, encompass a wide variety of views and perspectives.  While almost each section generated some feedback, many submissions concerned the use of non-traditional treatments and suggested exemptions to the definition of veterinary medicine.  Over the next few days, staff will organize these comments by section and forward the material to a task force, which will meet in person on May 6-7, 2011 to consider recommending specific amendments. If you submitted a comment, we thank you for your input on this important document.

4 thoughts on “Over 1000 comments submitted on model practice act

  1. Mike: The task force has been appointed by the Executive Board and will be meeting shortly to discuss the comments received. We will make periodic updates on progress and any recommended changes. Thank you for your interest.

  2. Hi Rosemary. The task force that will review the comments includes several practicing veterinarians along with lay people, so they should be able to express the perspective of the practitioner. Thanks for your feedback by the way.


  3. Greetings – It is exciting that so many interested parties provided input to the AVMA regarding the MVPA. I do hope that as staff and the task force consider the input that it is not just looked at from a Legislative point of view, but also from a veterinary practice point of view. We veterinarians entrusted to provide appropriate care for animals, our patients, need to provide direction to the legislators who set the regulatory parameters.