Veterinary Salaries

Has your income taken a hit? Judging from recent data we collected through the 2010 AVMA Biennial Economic Survey, salaries have declined in some professional veterinary categories. And it appears that the recession is largely to blame.

Information collected for the AVMA’s Report on Veterinary Compensation shows that professional salaries dropped between 2007 and 2009 for those in food animal-exclusive, mixed animal, companion animal-predominant and equine practices. On the flipside, we saw increases in salaries for companion animal-exclusive, and public and corporate positions.

All of this information can be found in our recently published Report on Veterinary Compensation, which you can purchase online in PDF or softcover book form at a reduced member rate. If you’re looking for detailed information on financial data for private practices, you can purchase the AVMA’s Report on Veterinary Practice Business Measures, which is also available in both PDF and softcover form.

Both publications contain timely and credible information that is designed to help you make informed practice and career decisions. The data also allows AVMA staff and leadership to take a critical look at the financial state of veterinary practices as we continue to help ensure the profitable and productive delivery of veterinary services.

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