A New Look for JAVMA News

The AVMA would like to tip its cap to a group of JAVMA readers who participated in two recent focus groups as part of the initial stages of a long process that will eventually result in a redesign of the News Section of the journal. AVMA members from the Chicago area took part in two focus groups that met in December. Their insights into what JAVMA News is doing right – and what we can improve – will go a long way toward helping us make the journal better for our readers. 

It was rewarding to hear some of the positive feedback received during the focus groups. The respondents told us that JAVMA holds a unique and important place among veterinary publications, and they consider it to be “their” journal. They indicated that the news stories are objective and credible, the subject matter was covered thoroughly, yet concisely, the writing was clear, and the news was easy to read. 

While the focus group members shared their positive impressions of the overall style and presentation of JAVMA News, they also told us that there are opportunities to enhance the visual appeal and readability of the section. They suggested that we could include more photos, expand our use of color and adjust other aspects of our design. 

We will take all of this feedback to heart and incorporate it into our ongoing redesign process, which now heads to a talented group of JAVMA staff members and AVMA graphic designers. We’ll keep everyone posted on the redesign process, and we look forward to bringing you an even better JAVMA in the near future.

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