AVMA Receives Almost 1000 Comments on its Model Practice Act

With the public comment period for the model veterinary practice act behind us, the AVMA received 985 comments on individual sections of the model act.  About 70% of the comments were submitted by non-members, and 10% came from organizations as opposed to individuals.  The sections attracting the most comments are Section 2 (definitions, especially “complementary, alternative and integrative therapies” and “practice of veterinary medicine”), Section 6  (exemptions to the act), the preamble (general comments) and Section 3 (board of veterinary medicine).

AVMA staff is organizing and analyzing this material to submit to a task force, which will review the comments and make recommendations for any changes to the Executive Board later this year.  The task force’s draft revisions will be circulated to AVMA entities for feedback before the Executive Board will make a final decision.

Thank you to all the individuals and organizations that took the time and effort to submit their input. All of the comments will be seen by the task force as they draft their recommendations.

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