Poison Prevention in Pets

March is when America celebrates National Poison Prevention Week. As a matter of fact, we’re in the middle of it right now. While it was originally proposed to highlight the dangers of poisonings in people, National Poison Prevention Week is also a great time to remind you – and for you to remind your clients – that the AVMA has valuable information available about ways to avoid accidental poisonings in our pets.

We have a great brochure, “Household Hazards,” that’s available online through our AVMA Store. The brochure is available for purchase in English, and you can download and print both the English and Spanish versions for free. Our First Aid Tips for Pet Owners is also full of helpful instructions and tips that will prove useful in all kinds of situations, including pet poisonings. And don’t forget that the AVMA home page is always there for you when you need information about pet food and product recalls, or other potentially harmful contaminants.

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