President Obama Signs 1099 Repeal into Law

Some great news from Washington to end the work week! Yesterday, President Obama signed H.R. 4, the Small Business Paperwork Elimination Act into law, which repeals the 1099 tax-reporting requirement.

“Today, I was pleased to take another step to relieve unnecessary burdens on small businesses by signing H.R. 4 into law,” Obama said in a statement. “Small business owners are the engine of our economy and because Democrats and Republicans worked together, we can ensure they spend their time and resources creating jobs and growing their business, not filling out more paperwork.”

The repeal means that veterinary practice owners and other small businesses will not be burdened with additional and costly information-reporting procedures that would have an adverse effect on their businesses.

I want to thank all the AVMA-CAN members who have contacted their Members of Congress in support of this bill.  This wouldn’t have been possible without you!

If you want to get involved in grassroots advocacy to make a difference for the veterinary profession, join AVMA-CAN here.

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