Just my Cluck

Got any chickens as patients? Believe it or not, many more of us do, thanks to the growing trend of private chicken ownership. Whether it’s for their eggs or because people develop strong human-chicken bonds, chicken ownership is growing in urban and suburban settings. 

This budding practice – and many of the veterinary issues involved with it – are covered in our inaugural issue of AVMA Welfare Focus, the latest addition to our library of AVMA-related newsletters. Published quarterly, AVMA Welfare Focus is designed to help keep you up-to-date on animal welfare-related topics and the AVMA’s science-based animal-welfare advocacy. Each issue contains a themed article (like the one on urban chickens); an update on the activities of the AVMA Animal Welfare Committee and the AVMA Animal Welfare Division; news about federal, state and international legislative and regulatory animal-welfare initiatives; and information about recent publications and upcoming animal welfare-related meetings. 

We sent the first issue of AVMA Welfare Focus to each AVMA member for whom we have a valid email address. Two more issues will follow before you’ll need to opt-in to receive future issues. We’re also offering it to veterinary students and state veterinary medical association executive directors. And, if you have clients that are interested in animal-welfare topics, the newsletter is also available to the general public on our website

You may not see a chicken in your practice tomorrow, but if you take a look at AVMA Welfare Focus, you just might be better prepared when you do.

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