Rebuilding Our Website: An Update

Wondering what’s been going on lately with our website redevelopment project? We updated our Executive Board on the project recently; here are some highlights:

Site Architecture and Design

We spent a good deal of March working on the new website structure, including checking in with some of our members, who helped with a second “card-sorting” exercise to tell us what content they would expect to find in specific areas of the site.  (For a summary of the first card sort and other member input, check out “Member Input Guides Our Website Redevelopment Project.”) We got some great feedback, and it helped us tweak and finalize the basic website navigation.

We’ve now started looking at graphic design concepts for the website. You might recall that in January we conducted a creative exercise – which I likened to a “personality test” for the new site. That was aimed at providing high-level guidance to our website graphic designer.  Well… the designer mocked up some initial home-page concepts and delivered those to us near the end of March.  We distributed them to internal staff and Executive Board volunteers, got another set of designs based on our feedback, and are now working to narrow the field to one basic design concept. We’ll then be able to tweak and modify that as needed.  It’s pretty exciting to finally start seeing all of our work coalesce into something that visually looks like a new website.

Member Feedback

So far, we’ve involved thousands of members in exercises to help us define what we need from the new site. These have included surveys of how you use the AVMA website and other sites; focus groups to help us learn exactly what you need and want to do online; and feedback exercises such as the “card sort” mentioned above. We’ll keep coming back to you for more input, and if you want to be involved I encourage you to sign up to receive our emails about “AVMA volunteer/leadership opportunities.” That’s a key resource we use when looking for members to help with these activities.

We really appreciate all of the help that AVMA members have provided so far for this website redevelopment project. We want the new site to be a great resource for you, and the only way we can do that is with your input. We’ve actually received some great feedback from people who have taken part in the card-sorting and other activities, and we hope to use that to make our future exercises even more rewarding to you.

One thought on “Rebuilding Our Website: An Update

  1. Just tried to access my veterinarian home page – it was blank except for the logo and pics across top of page!