A Vision for AVMA’s Future

I’ve kept you posted on the activities of the AVMA 20/20 Commission (see Foresight is 20/20 and AVMA 20/20 Commission: Back to the Future), and now it’s my pleasure to inform you that the Commission’s report is available on our site. This is the same report (unedited and unrevised) that was presented to the AVMA Executive Board at its April meeting.  The Executive Board would like to know what you, our members, think of this report. The 20/20 Commission report is a major part of the Executive Board’s ongoing strategic planning initiatives, and your comments will be incorporated into the discussions and decisions.

You can access the report at www.avma.org/2020vision.  We’ve also published it as a Kindle book on Amazon.com, and you will be able to download and view it on your e-reader, iPad, tablet or mobile device in about 24 hours (sometime after 3:20 PM on April 28, after it has completed the Kindle processing period). Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it free due to Amazon’s terms and conditions, so we’ve set the price at the lowest possible amount – $0.99.

We’d love to know what you think. Do any specific areas of the report resonate with you or stimulate your thoughts and opinions? What’s your overall impression and support of the recommendations and strategies in the report? How would you personally prioritize the 11 vision statement sections in the report? Feel free to post your feedback here or on the thread I’ve begun in the General/Round Table section on NOAH, our community for AVMA members.  If you’d prefer to register your comments in private, you can email them to EBMail@avma.org.

2 thoughts on “A Vision for AVMA’s Future

  1. Yes, the report resonated with me, but in a negative wavelength.
    The focus on a global outreach is the problem. The wording of the focus sounded like the AVMA was tired of addressing the needs of the members of the AMERICAN VMA and was instead more interested in becoming the WVMA (WORLD VMA). The wording appeared to show the leadership is looking for alternative routes of membership and money other than it’s current members. By bringing in many NON AMERICANS, and NON VETERINARIANS, then the leadership can feel comfortable with a new direction and comfortable with not listening to the actual AMERICAN VETERINARY part of the AVMA. I see the AVMA moving in the direction of the AMA, a group co-opted by special interests that no longer represent nor listen to the members that the name’s group implies, and instead use the power of the name of the group to push their own agenda.