Fraud Alert – Don’t be Fooled

It’s been brought to our attention recently (thanks to an AVMA member) that there’s a fraudulent letter circulating with our name and logo on it, and we want to make sure you know it’s a fraud.

This letter claims that the AVMA is the “legal inspection departments of all Animal feeds/food supplements that enter into any States of America” and states that the recipient needs to send a large sum of money to receive a clearance permit for importation.

As we hope you already know, the AVMA has no regulatory oversight of feed/food supplements imported into the U.S. We’ve notified the appropriate authorities, as well as our contacts in the national and international agencies and associations that may be affected by this scam. 

If you receive this letter, please forward it to the AVMA at scientificissues @ (remove the spaces to get the email address – we post email addresses in this way to prevent the spambots from recognizing them as email addresses).

This is a great reminder to everyone that these scams are occurring and can affect anyone. Please review any unsolicited correspondence with caution. This letter demonstrates some of the classic indications of fraud. We’ve attached the letter to this post and marked some of those indicators as an FYI. Click the images below to enlarge them.

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