Update on the Joplin Tornado Response

It’s overwhelming to think of the number of natural disasters our country has suffered in such a short time, and we’re in awe of the tireless relief and response efforts being made.

We’ve been in almost constant contact with the emergency managers in the hard-hit areas, and they’ve asked us to share some very important information with everyone:

  • At this time, they ask that people NOT make any donations of household items, clothing, food, etc. They’re grateful for the concern and the desire to help, but managing these donations is taking so much time and effort that it’s actually hampering the response efforts.
  • For information on other ways to help, go to:  www.fema.gov/rebuild/recover/howtohelp.shtm.
  • If you’d like to donate, cash is best because it allows them to address any need. Go to www.aidmatrix.org/fema and click on “Missouri” for links to voluntary agencies helping on the ground.

Our hearts go out to all – two-legged and otherwise – affected by the recent tornados and flooding, and we hope you know that you’re in our thoughts and our VMATs stand ready to assist if requested.

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