New Compounding Brochure Is Now Available

A new compounding brochure is available for veterinarians and others who wish to know more about what compounding really is, what the federal rules allow and what they don’t allow, and some questions veterinarians can ask their pharmacist about compounding services.

The publication of this new brochure is timely because the practice of compounding continues to be a complex regulatory issue. Compounding is needed at times in veterinary practice to adequately treat a patient’s medical condition, but some uses of compounded drugs are inappropriate, including selection of compounded drugs over FDA-approved drugs for economic reasons. 

The brochure is a collaborative effort by the American Veterinary Distributors Association, the Animal Health Institute, and the AVMA. Volunteer veterinarians on the Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents and its Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee worked on the brochure along with volunteer subject matter experts, including veterinarians representing species groups and veterinary pharmacologists.

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