Speaking on Behalf of Veterinarians about Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is constantly in the news. Just the other day, several advocacy groups filed a lawsuit against the FDA over the use of “human” antibiotics in animal feed.  And what happens afterwards? It’s a media flurry and a cascade of events.

  • Who filed the lawsuit?
  • What is it based on?
  • Has anyone read it yet?
  • Has anyone responded to it yet? 

Surely someone will be contacting the AVMA with questions, and we will need to be prepared.  Our media relations team works with our scientific staff to ensure that we have a coordinated effort to respond to media requests.

On my end, as the staff member with technical expertise on antibiotic resistance, I review the lawsuit. I familiarize myself with whatever information is already available, seek any additional information that might be useful, and review our existing policies. Having absorbed this information, I prepare myself for the unknown. What would our members want to know? How do I prepare my response to potential questions in such a way that would best serve the veterinary profession?

As a spokesperson for the AVMA, any staff or volunteer leader needs to ensure that the message we convey is in line with current AVMA policy and in the best interest of our membership. I can’t say that it always makes for an easy day, but I can say that it’s always a great day here at the AVMA!

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