Veterinarians Represented for First Time at World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine

As we continue to stand by on alert to assist in the response to the latest tornadoes and flooding, the recent disasters across the United States remind us of how important it is to be truly prepared to respond to disasters involving all hazards and all species.

This is particularly important given this week officially marks the start of the 2011 hurricane season. Are you prepared?

Recent global events like the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan have highlighted the lack of borders when it comes to disaster preparedness and response.  This week the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine kicks off its 17th World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine in Beijing, China. And for the first time ever the veterinary profession is participating on the program along with some 1,600 delegates from across the globe.

On Friday, I’ll be presenting at the Congress on Disaster Veterinary Medicine and Triage, and also on the Potential Role of Social Media in Animal Emergency Response.  Several U.S. veterinarians and animal response professionals will present at the Congress this year on a variety of topics and in multiple (not necessarily veterinary) tracks, providing an excellent opportunity to highlight the importance of the role of the veterinarian and animal issues in all-hazards/all-species animal emergency response.

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