Model Veterinary Practice Act

Thanks to many of you, our call for comments on revisions to the AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act was a huge success. We received nearly 1,000 comments from our members and the public, and the task force charged with drafting the proposed revisions to the act has completed their initial work. The proposed changes include additional recognition of veterinary technician credentialing, clarifications of direct and indirect veterinary supervision, modifying the veterinarian-client-patient relationship requirement, limited practice act exemptions for declared emergencies and providing certain care in animal shelters, and allowing narrow disclosure of client and patient information to third-party service providers.

The next step is for AVMA committees, councils and the House of Delegates to provide feedback on the draft to the task force, prior to final submission to the Executive Board, which is scheduled for November 2011. We appreciate the time you took to provide us such thoughtful input on what is designed to be a model set of guiding principles for those who are now, or will be in the future, preparing or revising a practice act under the codes and laws of an individual state. Thanks again for your efforts and your participation.

3 thoughts on “Model Veterinary Practice Act

  1. I would like to see the PAVE certification included in the AVMA Model Practice as it has been recognised in 36 jurisdictions and it is pretty much similar to the ECFVG.

  2. I am disappointed that the model practice act, under the licensure requirement section, fails to mention PAVE certification as a prelude to the NAVLE and state licensure and only references the ECFVG certificate. Given that 35 states now recognize the PAVE certification plus clinical training in an accredited school as adequate certification to take the NAVLE and proceed to a state licensure test/exam, I would hope the AVMA would include both options in that portion of the Model Veterinary Practice Act.