Top Tips for Prescribing in Practice

Follow federal drug rules.
See FDA and the Veterinarian brochure for details, found on the FDA’s website. The AVMA has an FAQ on Extralabel Drug Use, as well as FAQs on Prescribing and Pharmacies for Pet Owners and Veterinarians.

Use FDA-approved drugs.
FDA has published an Unapproved Animal Drugs resource on its website. Also see FDA’s upcoming presentation at the AVMA Convention on why it’s important for your practice to rely on approved drugs – July 16 at 1 PM in room 151, America’s Center, St. Louis.

Follow DEA’s controlled substance rules.
See DEA’s Practitioners Manual and DEA’s rules and online resources. AVMA also has helpful new resources on DEA registration, security, and recordkeeping. AVMA will give a presentation on DEA compliance at the AVMA Convention – July 19 at 12 PM in room 125, America’s Center, St. Louis.

Report adverse events.
Report any adverse effects from drugs (or other products) you or your clients observe. See FDA’s presentation on the importance of adverse event reporting at the AVMA Convention – the presentation will be at 2 PM on July 16 in room 151, America’s Center, St. Louis.

Use state pharmacy resources.
Contact both your state board of pharmacy and your state veterinary medical board for specific rules on prescribing of drugs within your state. You can also find out the status of a pharmacy’s license through your state board of pharmacy.

Report any suspected unlawful pharmacy practices.
AVMA has a complaint form you can use to report any unlawful pharmacy activities you have observed.

Compound appropriately.
Refer to the new brochure developed by the Animal Health Institute, the American Veterinary Distributors Association, and the AVMA.

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